You Just Bought an Instant Pot: Now What???

Instant Pot: Did you buy one? Are you wondering what to do with it?
You Just Bought an Instant Pot: Now What? How to start cooking and enjoying.

What is it about the Instant Pot? People are going crazy for it!

Of course they are.

The Instant Pot promises a home cooked meal in about 70% less time than traditional cooking methods. Not to mention, it has the ability to cook food from frozen.

No need to thaw your frozen meat before cooking it?

People, this is practically kitchen sorcery we are talking about here!

While there are so many pluses to an Instant Pot, many people are afraid to cook in them.

And rightly so.

A pressure cooker could blow up if not properly used and maintained. For that reason, you will actually need to read the instructions for your pressure cooker.

But if you will cast your fear aside, you will be rewarded with a quick and easy solution to the dinnertime dilemma. And the breakfast dilemma. And the snack dilemma. In fact, you will find you can make pretty much anything in your Instant Pot, including DOG FOOD!




The Instant Pot® Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook: Easy Recipes for Fast & Healthy Meals

This is the number one best seller and it includes recipes like Pulled Pork, Black Bean Soup, and Baby Back Ribs.

The New Fast Food: The Veggie Queen Pressure Cooks Whole Food Meals in Less than 30 Minutes

I am not a vegetarian. However, I try to add as many plants to my family’s daily diet as I can. This book came highly recommended for just that reason.


Great Food Fast Bob Warden’s Ultimate Pressure Cooker Recipes

What I like about this cookbook is it has a “lighter” section and it gives nutrition information on all the recipes.


There are more recipes and tips in these Facebook groups than you could ever get through in one day!

Here’s my helpful suggestion: If you choose to join an Instant Pot Facebook Group, you will want to turn off the group’s notifications. If you don’t, your newsfeed will be flooded with posts.

It is better to join the group, turn off notifications, then visit the group when looking for inspiration or help.

Listed below are the Facebook groups run by people I know that I have actually joined. However, there are tons of groups out there if you just do a quick Facebook search.

Instant Pot Community

Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Meals

Real Food Instant Pot Recipes


Quite simply, I’ve rounded up the recipes I’ve seen referred to again and again.

I’m a sucker for a good street taco so I’m excited to try these Korean Street Tacos.

Honey Bourbon Chicken sounds like a winner to me.

Butter, heavy cream, 2 kinds of cheeses… Yes, I believe this may be the Best Mac and Cheese.

This Greek yogurt recipe is the most referred to recipe in all my Facebook groups. It has great instructions.

I’m always in search of the perfect rice recipe – you know the kind – like you get in the restaurant.

Perfectly Hard Boiled Eggs – I gotta try it!

Don’t have your Instant Pot yet? What are you waiting for?

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