Why My Kids Are Sugar Free This Christmas (or How I’m the Worst Mom Ever)

How do you become the Worst Mom Ever? Ask your kids to go sugar free at Christmas!

Sugary Christmas Treats

What would your kids do if you asked them to be sugar free at Christmas?

Is it even possible to be sugar free this time of year?

There’s the cookie exchanges, hot cocoa with marshmallows, grandma’s fudge, gingerbread house decorating, reindeer food, and peppermint bark.

Can you even conceive a Christmas without all these sweet treats???

It was a difficult decision to ask my girls to be sugar free this year. So let me explain why I put forth this request.

In August of this year, I gave up sugar.

I can’t brag that no sugar has touched my lips for the past 6 months, because there are always occasions. Always.

However, I can look you in the eye and say on a day-to-day basis I am living a happy, content life without sugar.

No sugar. Nada. No white sugar. No honey. No maple syrup. No coconut or date sugar. No sugar by any name.

Sweets at Christmas

I’m not going to lie, it was incredibly difficult at first. The sugar cravings are real.

However, this wasn’t the first time I’d gone sugar free, so I knew all I needed to do was stick it out, and it would get easier.

Not only did it get easier, but as time has gone by, what I have felt has surprised me.

I feel free.

I no longer get those crazy cravings that result in hanger. My moods have stablized.

I no longer feel deprived because I’m not eating sugar. In fact, I can walk right by the endless retail displays of sugary treats and not be tempted.

For the first time in my life, I am satisfied.

What started out as a way to take off a little weight (I’m down 10 pounds) has led to my happiest life ever.

That is why I asked my daughters to be sugar free this Christmas.

I want them to be able to break free of the guilt associated with indulging in too many sweet treats.

I want them to find how freeing it is when hunger no longer controls your emotions.

I want them to learn that celebrations are still celebrations even when no sugar is involved.

gift of health

I don’t want my girls just to be saying no to sugar, I want them to be saying yes to a lifetime of good health.

How did my girls respond?

They were onboard for a sugar free Christmas as long as we could still enjoy blueberry stuffed french toast on Christmas morning. (Here’s a similar recipe to what I make)

That was an easy yes. By having only one treat, it puts the “special” back in special treat.

We’ve been sugar free since December 12th and I’ll be honest, it has not been all rainbows and unicorns.

Don’t be fooled, sugar has a very tight grip on our kiddos.

But I declared our house a sugar free zone and I’ve been determined to keep it that way. So I told both sets of grandparents that we will not accept any of the special desserts they were planning to bring to our house. This didn’t go over well for anyone–the grandparents or the girls.

As my girls have experienced how hard it is to live without sweets, we’ve looked into some sugar substitutes that satisfy our sweet tooth without activating our insulin response.

We’ve made a few treats sweetened with Erythritol and/or stevia. The taste is not the same as refined sugar, but overall I’d say we’ve enjoyed experimenting with recipes.

We’re also embracing some of the classic Christmas treats. I picked up a bag of chestnuts from Trader Joe’s. We’ll be roasting them over an open fire (our patio fire pit) on Christmas day.

Did you ever receive an orange in the toe of your stocking? We’ll be having oranges as our Christmas dessert. An orange used to be a treat! When you haven’t had refined sugar for weeks, you really appreciate the sweetness of an orange.

Both girls have said they are okay with continuing to be sugar free during Christmas break, even though it has been HARD. They also have said they don’t think it is sustainable for them in the long run, but that they will be more conscious of their sugar consumption.

So am I crazy to continue to enforce a sugar free house even though it is Christmas and I’ve been called the worst mom ever?

Maybe. However, I’m committed to a sugar free Christmas for my family, and a sugar free life for me.

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  1. That’s kinda sad. I’m all for reduced sugar, but not on Christmas! Let the kids be kids and enjoy a sweet treat, but a healthier version.

  2. Ah Zoe it’s not sad at all! We went sugar free after Halloween and we are full on Paleo now. I absolutely love it and we have one sweet coming up tomorrow for a Christmas party. . . we have no dairy and no grain as well. My kids are healthier and happier than ever before and it is sooooooo good. I’ve found that making a Paleo pumpkin pie is as easy as adding a little pineapple. Berries are sweet enough on their own and easy to turn into tarts, smoothies etc. Sweetening with sweet fruit is very simple and your body digests it so well. Bravo Natural Green Mom!

  3. I applaud you!! I am sugar-free too, and I too have realized that all of us in this country are held in sugar’s grip, and that we think we have to commemorate every occasion with desserts or we’re not doing right. We’re all addicted!! Every occasion should be about the memories, and food is just an added bonus. That’s nice that you are making a special breakfast…that’s what I do too. We don’t need all that other junk!

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