Why is it Soooooo Hard to Drink Water?

It shouldn’t be hard to drink water, should it?

Getting to the bottom of the question: Why is drinking water so hard?

We all know drinking water is supposed to be good for us. So why is drinking water such a hard habit to implement?

Not too long ago, I became convinced I need to drink more water. And the optimal amount of water I needed to drink was 100 ounces of water per day.

It all started when I was reading through my Facebook newsfeed.

I came across a conversation between a group of trusted friends. They were praising the benefits of drinking 100 ounces of water. Everyone in the conversation claimed better health, successful weight loss, and beautifully radiant skin.

All the comments were glowing.

Someone even used the phrase, “life changing.”

When I tried to drink the recommended amount, I found myself wondering, "Why is it hard to drink water?"

After reading this conversation, I decided I would set a personal goal to try to track my water intake and to drink 100 ounces per day.

Who doesn’t want beautifully radiant skin?

I set myself up for success with an easy way to reload my glasses, and I made a batch of Rainbow Citrus Water. (It seemed a little Spartan to start with just straight water!)


Until I undertook this challenge, my typical liquid consumption looked like this:

  • 2 cups of coffee in the a.m.
  • If I exercised in the morning, I drank another cup of coffee after exercise.
  • At lunch I made a fat flushing detox drink or I didn’t bother with a drink at all.
  • About 3 to 4 in the afternoon, I brewed a cup of herbal tea.
  • At dinner I might drink some water. Otherwise, that cup of tea in the afternoon was the last thing I drank.

I guesstimate I consumed less than 40 ounces of liquid a day.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t even realize I never reached for a plain glass of water. Ever.

Conversely, I faithfully send my girls with a water bottle every where they go. School lunches? Water bottle. After school activities? Water bottle. Car trip? Water bottle.

Day 1 I am joining them and bringing water with me everywhere.


Water tastes great. It’s so refreshing. I find myself wondering why I don’t reach for a glass of water more often.

However, there is one teensy, tiny drawback. The trips to the restroom.

I knew that drinking more water would necessitate more trips to the restroom, but sheesh! It’s Day 2. This is ridiculous!


The numerous trips I’m taking to the bathroom have me wondering if I should be limiting the number of squares of toilet paper I’m using each trip. At this rate, my water consumption is going to necessitate an extra Costco size pack of toilet paper… per week!

Discouragement is starting to take over.

I strategize my day around when I should consume my water and how close I will be to a restroom.


First day of feeling success. Drinking water is becoming a habit. When we made a family trip to Starbucks, I skipped the coffee. I brought my reusable water cup and had them fill it up for me.

Not only did they fill my water bottle, but they gave me a $0.10 discount for bringing my own cup. It’s like they paid me to drink my water. Happiness in a small victory.

Filling a bobble water bottle for a plane trip and lamenting, "Why is it hard to drink water?"


I can’t do it. There is too much on my plate today. I know that drinking 100 ounces of water will lead to too many restroom breaks and I simply don’t have the time.

I don’t want to quit just 5 days in, so I drink about 32 ounces of water that night.

Joke is on me!

After 2 middle of the night restroom runs, I decide I need to set a time in the evening to stop all water intake. I decide 6 p.m. is it. No water after 6 p.m.

DAY 6 -9

These days all look the same. Water. Restroom. Water. Restroom.

Real old. Real fast.

DAY 10

I quit. I can’t make sense of why any one would do this!

It takes me 10 days before I start to research – why 100 ounces of water? Why was that a magic number?

You know what? It’s not a magic number. In fact, I can’t figure out why it is a number at all. When you read how drinking more water can boost your health, you find the formula for drinking the right amount of water.

Based on this information, I made a new healthy goal.

Drink. More. Water. Period.

I simply wasn’t drinking enough water and was definitely drinking too much coffee.

Now, before I even drink my coffee, I’m opting for a glass of lemon water. And instead of coffee after my workout, I’m drinking water then too.

In addition, we’ve added a SodaStream to our kitchen, and I’ve found I really enjoy fizzy water with a lime slice in the evenings. Who knew?

I’d love to know: How much water do you drink each day? Do you find it is a struggle to reach for water like I do?

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  1. I am really bad with water also. I can go for days without touching it, I would rather drink tea. More recently I have made a concentrated effort to at least have a glass of water before going to sleep and then one when I get up. So far so good, but need to get another two glasses in, preferably during meal times. I have so hated water ever since I was a child, so now I add either a little lime or lemon juice.

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