Whole Foods Market Sale: GOOD Soap 3 for $3

good bar soap

UPDATE: This sale is over. If you are looking for the ingredients of GOOD Soap, you can find them here. (Thanks Jennifer!)

If you are heading to Whole Foods Market this weekend, be sure to look for their sale on Alaffia GOOD Soap. You can pick up 3 bars for 3 bucks.

Alaffia GOOD soap is made with certified fair trade shea butter and coconut oil and comes in African Black Soap, Coconut, Fresh Mint, Lavender, Sunshine, Sweet Vanilla and Prairie Rose scents.

This offer is only good July 18th through 20th.

These lovely bars of soap make a nice housewarming gift when combined with a cute soap dish. Everyone needs soap. 🙂


  1. Hello, can you tell me what are the ingredients for the Good Bar soap praire rose scent? There is another rose scented soap by them called Shea butter & rose geranium. Im not sure if they’re the same ones or not.

  2. These soaps are amazing.

  3. Joanne Mayes says:

    I bought your soap only because it was on sale – now I will buy your soap because I LOVE it! The fragrances are awesome and there is NO soapy residue afterwards – which I hate! And it doesn’t dry out my skin – which I have to be careful of at my age – lol! I’ve given your soap to my daughters as gifts and they too love them. Thanks for a great product!

  4. Joanne Mayes says:

    p.s. my favorite is the rosemary mint!!

  5. I decided to give these soaps a try on a whim while I was at Whole Foods and liked how subtle and clean the scent was. When I got them home, I was amazed at how creamy the lather was compared to other soaps and more importantly, how it didn’t dry my skin out. I would recommend them to anyone considering buying them and will definitely be going back to get more in the future.

  6. Are these soap for the body , hand , face?? I just picked up a few bars.



  8. as Janice posted – Why can’t I find the ingredients in Good Soap. They are not even listed on EWG’s website….

  9. I cannot find the ingredients either! I really need to find out what is in the sunshine Good soap. After started using the soap, I have broken out all over my body with an itchy rash.

  10. I also broke out in an itchy rash after using, which is what has me searching for ingredients. I can’t find them anywhere! I’m wondering if it has wheat in it, but it could be anything. All natural isn’t always all healthy for all bodies.

  11. Jennifer says:
  12. I believe whole foods published the ingredients list, but I will say that the Sunshine bar smells identical to my old favorite (when I was in high school) Dove body wash. It was discontinued in 2010, but it was lemongrass. So if you have an allergy to lemongrass, my guess would be that could be the cause of the rash.

  13. Are good soaps biodegradable?

  14. How many ounces are the bars of Good soap?

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