Whole Foods Bulk Bin Pricing

Whole Foods Bulk Bin DealsIn yesterday’s tips for buying food in bulk, I mentioned you can buy just about anything you might want, or need, in bulk. Whole Foods in particular is known for its large bulk bin section. But how do you know what a good deal is when you are buying in bulk? If bulk bin prices aren’t advertised in the weekly circulars, how do you know if the price you are paying at one store isn’t a whole lot more than at another?

In light of this, I thought it would be helpful to put together a Whole Foods Bulk Bin Price list for everyone. I have pricing on those items that are staples that I felt are the key ingredients to getting an actual meal on the table. Yes, that means I skipped some of the yummy stuff like cookies, granola and – my favorite – popcorn. However, if you buy those items regularly, PLEASE leave a price in the comments! And I’ll update the list for everyone every few months!

REMEMBER: Whole Foods prices and deals vary greatly from store to store. This list is intended as a guide and to help you recognize a stockpile price!

Make sure to print this out and take it with you in your coupon binder! What other prices would be helpful for you to have?


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