What to do with a Fire Pit During a Fire Ban

Fire Pit Coffee Table

Over Memorial Day weekend we bought a patio set that included a fire pit since our last patio set was destroyed by hail. My dream was to have backyard summer BBQs with a nice fire in the fire pit as the sun went down. Then, we’d finish our perfectly lovely evening with the kids making s’mores. Sounds like the perfect summer plan, doesn’t it?

Well, we’ve had one fire. We all woke up smelling like we’d been camping. Everywhere I sat, I swear the smoke followed me and burned my eyes. Of course, the s’mores were well worth it!

After the only time we used it, the summer turned dry. Hot and dry. We’re used to Colorado being dry. Not so used to it being this hot.

The combination of hot and dry has led to fire bans across the state. And just like that – my dreams of backyard s’mores went up in smoke. This website is about being eco-friendly. Setting fire to the neighborhood does not qualify as eco-friendly by most definitions.

What to do with that fire pit? How about creating some backyard ambiance instead?

I started by caulking the hole in the bottom of the pit so it would hold water.

Caulk screw and hole

I felt that looked a little like a bird had flown over and maybe left me a little present. So I covered that up with some glass floral beads.

Glass Beads in Fire Pit

Still, not brilliant looking but getting better. I filled the fire pit up with water and while it was filling, I cut some flowers out of my garden.

Floating Flowers in Fire Pit

Pretty, isn’t it? A great look for early evening or even having a brunch outside. But I took it one step further. As evening approached, I added floating candles.

Floating Candles

So that’s what you do with a Fire Pit during a Fire Ban. Do you own a fire pit?

For another way to spruce up your patio in an eco-friendly way, be sure to check out my Solar Path Light Candles.

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  1. We have a firepit, but unfortunately it won’t convert like yours did, which is very cute btw. We have been using our pit a lot for backyard fires and smores, but it has been dry and hot in PA too and I’m sure those days are numbered.

  2. Kristia, I’m glad you’ve been able to enjoy your fire pit as a fire pit. I’m hoping in the Fall the fire ban will lift and we’ll be able to use it a few times in the crisp fall weather – we’ll see! Thanks for stopping by! Andrea

  3. I love this! Honestly, this would be even nicer for a dinner party than a yard full of smoke!

  4. Looking for ideas for a stone fire pit for use in the summer. Can you build a tile or granite top to place over and use as a table when not using for smores? What do you think?

  5. Bridgtte ~ I think that building a tabletop for a stone fire pit is a fabulous I idea! Let me know if you build it – I’d love to see it. Andrea

  6. I saw your comments about what to do with your fire pit when there is a fire pit ban, and thought it was a great idea. I also loved your fire pit because it converts into a coffee table. I can’t seem to find one like that that isn’t dining table height. Can you recommend a website or tell me where you got yours? Thanks!

  7. Hi Lexie, My fire pit coffee table is a Martha Stewart set that we bought last year from Home Depot. We’ve been very happy with the set. I would hope that even though we bought it last year, it would be available again this year. Andrea


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