What to Watch on Netflix: Free Printable

Ready for your next binge? Here’s a free printable of what to watch on Netflix!

What to Watch on Netflix A Free Printable Guide of the Top 50 Most Recommended Netflix Shows

Wondering what to watch next on Netflix? I’ve compiled the ultimate list of binge-worthy Netflix shows.

How did I come up with these 50 shows?


I’m in several different Facebook groups, and about once a month I’ll see a post where someone asks, “What should I watch next on Netflix?”

These are the 50 shows that get mentioned every single time. Every. Single. Time.

Just because they mention these top 50 shows doesn’t mean my list is complete.

Sure, you’d think with 50 shows I’d have covered it all. Except, you may have a gem or two that this list may have missed. So this printable has room to write them in.

This list is meant to be shared. Co-workers, moms-to-be on bedrest, your bestie that finally sprung for a Netflix subscription, college students home for the summer…. all the people need this list.

So print it. Then write in your own suggestions and share it.

What should you watch next on Netflix?

Download your What to Watch on Netflix Free Printable.

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  1. We don’t have cable so we like watching Netflix. This is a great idea! Thanks so much for putting this together. Sometimes it’s hard to find a good show!

  2. Sometimes I forget to look beyond what I have put on my list on Netflix and so your list gives me some ideas of what to watch beyond my narrow scope. We love Netflix – so much cheaper than going out. Thanks for doing this!!

  3. We just got Netflix last year and I have been able to watch shows I never had a chance to watch on TV when they came out. I actually didn’t really know about them- Gilmore Girls and Parenthood. Thanks for the list. I will add That 70’s Show- my husband and I are watching that. I also like Scrubs.

  4. Shonda, I didn’t know Scrubs was on Netflix! That’s a total fave. I bet my girls would like it. Thanks for the recommend! Andrea

  5. Suits isn’t on Netflix or HULU. I wish!

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