How I Saved Over $10,000 On Our Kitchen Remodel {And You Can Too!}

How I Saved on Kitchen Remodel

One year ago we became the third generation to own the “family home.” This move was in the works for quite some time before it ever happened.

When you purchase a home that has been in your husband’s family for three generations, you walk the tightrope of wanting to create a home that is uniquely yours while at the same time maintaining those features that hold familiar memories.

I agonized over remodeling the kitchen. The cabinets were original and had been custom built on-site. The tile floors were Pete’s grandmother’s pride. But there was no insulation in the wall behind the cabinets, the floor plan didn’t quite work for our family, and most of the appliances were outdated.

Then I saw this listing on Craig’s List:

Craigs List Cabinets

In case you can’t read my screenshot of the Craig’s Listing: The sellers had just paid $10,000 for these cabinets and had them partially installed before realizing the doors were a different shade of white from the bases. The store from which they ordered the cabinets offered to install all new cabinets and let them sell the mismatched ones.

Y’all. It was destiny. They were the EXACT cabinets I would order if I were purchasing new cabinets. The remodel was on!

We negotiated on the price and purchased the cabinets for just $3,000. By purchasing our cabinets off Craig’s List we saved $7,000 on our cabinets.

Purchasing our cabinets off Craig’s List was the start of our savings. But there were several lessons we learned about remodeling our kitchen using Craig’s List you’ll want to read.

Kitchen Cabinet Roll Out Drawers

Our Craig’s List cabinets even came with roll out drawers!

Now that we had the cabinets and saw the potential for savings, we then set about trying to figure out how we could save money on the rest of the remodel.

The first thing we did was to try to figure out what we could sell in the kitchen to help raise money.

I started with recycling scrap metal. It was a quick and easy $40. Might not sound like much, but it was exactly what I needed. Read on and you’ll see why.

I then removed the cute cabinet drawer pulls and sold them on Craig’s List. Another $30.

The refrigerator was gorgeous. It was stainless steel and the popular french door style. Unfortunately it would not fit with the new cabinet layout.

Refrigerator Sold on Craigs List

We were able to sell the refrigerator for $400.

Bookshelf Built in Refrigerator Nook
We changed the location of the refrigerator in the new layout. We now have a bookshelf where the old refrigerator was.

We started out our remodel with $680 that we had raised by selling what we could salvage in the old kitchen.

No, it doesn’t seem like a lot, but we were able to stretch it and create a gorgeous kitchen by buying used where we could.

The $30 I made off selling the old kitchen cabinet drawer pulls was just enough to purchase these cabinet knobs I found on Craig’s List.

Kitchen Cabinet Knobs

I met up with a lady in the parking lot of a Safeway and bought a bag of 33 brushed nickel knobs. That was less than a dollar a knob. The same knobs at Lowe’s?

Kitchen Knobs

$3.48 per knob!!!! Had I purchased those same 33 knobs at Lowe’s, I would have paid $114.84! I saved $84.84 by buying our knobs on Craig’s List.

Here’s where you should probably read 9 Tips to Search Craig’s List Like a Pro. You’ll learn about search terms, which was really important when it came to these knobs, because everyone calls them something different. Knobs, pulls, drawer pulls, kitchen hardware…. seriously.

I searched Craig’s List for months for the bin pulls I had my heart set on. Alas, we struck out and had to purchase them new. I purchased them from Overstock for just $39.50 for a pack of 25. The $40 I made from selling the scrap metal was just enough to pay for these. This is the second item I was able to purchase in full using funds we had made off selling items from the old kitchen.

Scratch and Dent Dishwasher

Our dishwasher we actually bought a few months before the remodel started. The old dishwasher wasn’t cutting it and I found one at a scratch and dent sale for only $350 – 50% off the price since there was a slight defect. We then were able to submit it for an Energy Star Rebate, and got $50 back!

By purchasing a dishwasher with a small defect we saved another $400.

Old Stove Before Remodel

Perhaps my favorite purchase was our “New to Us” Electrolux dual fuel stove.

Range Purchased Off Craigs List

I struck out several times trying to find a stove I would love. We even drove over an hour away to look at one only to find it wasn’t even close to what was advertised on Craig’s List.

The listing for this stove popped up and within an hour I was looking at it and paying for it.

Here’s the beauty of this stove – it is so new it is actually still under warranty!!!! The couple we bought it from had purchased it a year before they started a remodel. The plans for their remodel included a cooktop and wall ovens – which meant they had to sell their stove.

I paid $1,000 for the stove. If I had purchased it new with the extended warranty, I would have paid $2700!

Finally, we agonized over keeping the GE Monogram range hood. Check out the shape. No one who has ever cooked in this kitchen has escaped banging their head on the corner.Old GE Monogram Range Hood

However, no one can deny it is stylish, complemented the rest of the stainless steel in the kitchen, and most importantly, saved us $2,000.

Kitchen Remodel
While I’m not a fan of the shape of the range hood, it does look nice in the kitchen.

Saving money on a kitchen remodel means compromise. Would I have preferred a pop-up down draft hood that wasn’t a danger to our foreheads? Yes. But the budget was our top priority. Since a fully functional $2,000 hood was already in place, we decided the savings were worth it.

When evaluating your kitchen remodel, figure out what you can keep to save money.

Here’s the breakdown of our savings:

Cabinets Purchased from Craig’s List – $7,000 savings
Cabinet Knobs Purchased from Craig’s List – $84.84 savings and no money out of pocket
Cabinet Bin Pulls Purchased from Overstock – $40 no money out of pocket
Scratch and Dent Dishwasher Purchase – $400 savings
Electrolux Dual Fuel Stove Purchased from Craig’s List – $1,700 savings
Living with the Dangerous Cornered Range Hood – $2,000 savings
TOTAL SAVINGS: $11,224.84


Kitchen After

Kitchen Remodel Craigs List After

Save on Your Next Kitchen Remodel

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  1. GORGEOUS!!! Oh my, I’m swooning. It’s so beautiful, and inspiring as I dream of my own kitchen reno glory some day down the road.

  2. Looks fabulous! Congrats on the awesome deals!

    That said, I highly recommend using beenverified or similar site to check out people before you go to meet them. Sadly, a couple in Georgia were scammed by a man using c-list and lost their lives. 🙁 He had a record that could have been found pretty easily. Don’t mean to bring anyone down, but safety first.

  3. These are such great tips for anyone thinking about redoing their kitchen — Craigslist is a homeowner’s dream come true! We re-did our kitchen last year (kept our existing cabinets, just painted them) and used Craigslist to sell and buy our appliances. We found a BOSCH dishwasher for only $200 and a new $2,000 fridge for $700–it really is amazing what’s out there. Thanks for sharing this article! If you’d like to see ours, it’s here:

  4. You guys did an amazing job on this kitchen – it’s beautiful! Kudos to you for sniffing out some fantastic deals. Personally I like the shape of the range hood – I think it adds some visual interest.

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