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I have reader Amy to thank for this hot kitchen tip that comes just in time for all your holiday baking. In the comments on my Kitchen Shortcut: Seasoning Food in a Pinch Amy wrote:

I keep kosher salt in an empty spice jar, and also keep one with corn meal for shaking onto pans for pizza or artisan-type breads and one with flour for dough that’s just a touch too sticky or for slashing bread dough before baking.

I loved the idea of putting flour in a spice jar for evenly distributing flour on a sticky surface before using a rolling pin. Pie crust, cookies, gingerbread – they can all be a sticky mess to roll out if you don’t keep them dusted with flour. I put her spice jar trick to the test when I rolled out my homemade whole wheat pie crust.

It worked beautifully! It was easy to shake the flour exactly where I needed it. The surface had a nice dusting of flour and prevented the rolling pin from sticking to the dough and tearing it.

Thank you Amy. I have a feeling this will simplify holiday baking for many of us.

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