20 Awesome Projects to Upcycle Wine Bottles

20 Awesome Projects to Upcycle Wine Bottles

The next time you empty a wine bottle, save it! There are so many awesome projects to upcycle wine bottles!

Really, there is no need to empty the wine bottle yourself. If you aren’t a drinker, you can ask at any restaurant if they would be willing to let you take some empty wine bottles home.

I’ve gotten to the point where I will actually buy wine based on the color of the bottle! Sometimes I want a green tinged bottle, sometimes clear glass works best for the projects I have in mind.

Check out all the awesome ways you can upcycle wine bottles:

Beach Bottles¬†from Carolyn’s Homework
Bees Wax Candles from Happy Hour Projects
Book Page Bottles from The Wicker House
Dish Soap Dispenser from Living Well Spending Less
Gilded Bottles from a A Subtle Revelry
Holiday Centerpiece from The Preppy Planner
Hummingbird Feeder from The Chilly Dog
Lamp from Turning the Clock Back
Ribbon Wine Bottles from The Real Thing with the Coake family
Wine Bottles Upcycled into Tiki Torches
Tiki Torches from The Arm Chair Sommelier
Self Watering Planter from Cheap Crafts
Silver Vase from Style Sidebar
Sun Catchers from Condo Blues
Terrariums from Saved By Love Creations
Twine Wrapped Vases from View from the Fridge
Wedding Table Numbers from Sew Much Sunshine
Wind Chime from RecyclArt
Wine Bottle Bird Feeder from Down Home Inspiration
Wine Bottle Jewelry Display from Protea Wines
Wine Bottle Trays from Home Talk

My favorite project is to Upcycle Glass Bottles into a Garden Border. I always get lots of comments on this border. So pretty. So simple. So unique!

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