Top Foods to Buy from the Bulk Bins at Whole Foods

Whole Foods Bulk BIns

The bulk bins at Whole Foods are one of my favorite parts of shopping there. By carefully selecting what I buy, and how much I buy, I’m able to save a significant amount on my groceries.

One of the tricks to saving on your bulk bin purchases is to buy only the quantity that you need.

This may mean bringing in a measuring cup and spoons. By doing so, you can measure out the exact quantity you need.

Don’t feel weird. I promise you anyone who is looking is thinking how clever you are.

save on bulk bin spices whole foods


Spices are topping my list of top foods to buy at the bulk bins at Whole Foods.

This is particularly helpful if you need an unusual spice for a recipe.

Bring your measuring spoons. Buy what you need, spend less money than buying a whole bottle, and nothing lingers in the back of your spice rack.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how fresh and flavorful these bulk bin spices are!

whole foods bulk bin must buy Maple Syrup


There is no substitute for real maple syrup. Purchased in bulk from Whole Foods, you save about $3 over the Costco price.

Other sweeteners you can buy in bulk and save include honey, sugar, and agave syrup.

My Whole Foods actually has local honey in bulk. That’s a big plus in my book.

PS ~ You actually do want to purchase the Grade B maple syrup. It has a higher nutritional profile than Grade A.

Best Whole Foods Bulk Bin Buy


Most Whole Foods offer several different grind your own nut butters, including peanut butter and almond butter.

When you grind your own, you get 100% nut butter without any added sweeteners.

Plus, you don’t have to deal with oil separation.

Buy Chia Seeds from Bulk Bins


For something so small, chia seeds sure can be expensive!

Compare the price of buying chia seeds from the bulk bins to the price of pre-packaged. I think you’ll find a significant savings.

In addition to chia seeds, look to see if they have flax seeds. Both chia and flax make healthy additions to your morning smoothies.

Nutritional Yeast


Nutritional yeast may not make every grocery shopping list, but the savings at the bulk bins is so significant, I couldn’t leave it out.

Weigh Station Whole Foods


You can bring in your own containers and skip the disposable bags.

What you need to do is head straight to the customer service desk. Ask them to mark the Tare Weight on the container. That weight will then be deducted at the cash register.

Once the weight is written on your container, you never have to have it marked again.

Do you already shop the bulk bins? What are your favorites?

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  1. How can I find a whole food store. I live in Port St Lucie Fl. I haven’t seen a place to buy in bulk for years.

  2. Lillian, You can find a list of Whole Foods Markets here: Hope that helps! Andrea

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