The GBG List of 3: Mrs Meyer’s Holiday Scents, The True Cost, Bike Riding

List of 3

Mrs Meyer’s Holiday Scents

I’m diving right into my list of three and starting with the arrival of the Mrs Meyer’s Holiday Scents!

mrs meyers holiday scents

When I saw the Facebook announcement that the Mrs. Meyer’s holiday scents were available again, I may have jumped up and down and squealed with glee.

All of Mrs. Meyer’s scents are good, but the holiday scents are the BEST!

Orange Clove, Iowa Pine and Cranberry are the holiday seasonal releases and trust me when I say they are all equally awesome.


These scents are so popular, it is hard to find them in stores. In the past, I’ve picked them up at World Market, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and Target. However, none of these stores have them available online or in store yet.

Oh yes. I’ve already been to all three trying to hunt them down!

You could order from Amazon – but they are all priced higher than if you were to go directly to the Mrs. Meyer’s website.

Mrs Meyer’s offers free shipping on orders over $30. I’m not even a little bit embarrassed to admit I hit $30 pretty easily. The candles make excellent hostess and holiday gifts.

The True Cost Movie

true cost movie

I love a good documentary movie. I enjoy learning and being challenged in my thinking.

No documentary has ever spurred me to change like The True Cost has.

Indeed, my husband also remarked how he will forevermore approach buying clothing in an entirely new way.

I’m more committed than ever to investing in classic pieces and forming a capsule wardrobe.

In addition to scouring local consignment shops, I love the selection of nearly new clothing at ThredUp. And right now you can get 40% off your first orderwith Promo Code OCT40

Friends, I wish there were a way we could all watch this together and discuss the Fast Fashion industry and impulse purchases, and how those decisions have both a human and environmental cost that is both astounding and heartbreaking. The True Cost is available on both Netflix and through Amazon Prime. Or, you can even rent it from the website.

I hope you’ll sit down and view it. Then please come back here and comment on what you thought.

Bike Riding

Bike Ride

My husband bought me a bike for my 45th birthday back in April.

I’ll admit I was scared to start riding it. Middle aged women do not like to fall almost as much as they hate being referred to as middle aged women.

But the saying is true. It’s just like getting back on a bike.

I’m now riding it to the gym, to my tennis lessons, and even to friend’s houses.

Adding bike riding as a new form of go-to transportation has necessitated that I really think about how I’m going to build a capsule wardrobe. Skirts are problematic!

My goal is to start riding my bike to the grocery store soon. Stay tuned.


Slow Cooker Sweet and Smoky Jalapeno Pork Ribs

Did you see my latest recipe for Sweet and Smoky Jalapeno Slow Cooker Pork Ribs?


Add Pumpkin the Racoon to your Instagram for Awwww-dorable photos. (See what I did there?)

That’s this week’s list. What’s making your list?

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