The Best Laundry Tip: Never Shrink a Line Dry Item Again!

The Best Laudry Tip

This is simply the best laundry tip. It is so simple and yet so helpful! In fact, I’d call it life changing. Life altering really.  Here’s why:

In our family everyone is expected to help with the laundry. Husbands, daughters, me. We are all responsible for helping with the laundry.

What this looks like in our family: I may put a load in, then yell at kindly ask one of the girls to please switch the load over to the dryer. But since the girls didn’t start the load, they have no idea whether there are line dry items that need to be taken out and hung up.

Or maybe you are doing all the laundry in the house, yet you are distracted thanks to the dishes, the kiddos and possibly Dr. Phil.

Does this sound familiar?

The result of this has been many things have been dried and subsequently shrunk.

Here’s the life altering laundry tip:

  • Keep a dry eraser on top of the washing machine. Write on top what items are in the wash that need to be taken out and line dried so everyone {yourself included} remembers to look for that item before stuffing everything in the drier.

What do you think? Helpful? Will you be trying this?

This idea was originally pinned by A Few Short Cuts. I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to organizing! Are you following it?

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  1. LOVE this idea! Can’t wait to try it tomorrow, huge laundry day! 😉 Thank you!!

  2. Alycia, I’ve got a massive laundry day today too! Glad my laundry tip will help. 🙂 Andrea

  3. Be sure to test in a small area. I just found out that dry erase does not come off easily on my washer. I’m scrubbing now. . . 🙁

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