20 Summer Activities for Preschoolers and Kids

We are a little over halfway through summer and your kids have probably said they are bored at least once.

Am I right?

Well, there is no need to hear those words again. I have a list of free and inexpensive summer activities for preschoolers and kids that will keep everyone busy for hours.

What I love about this list is everything is very affordable and nothing will break the bank. And, far too often we overlook and forget about the simple things we did as kids like: skipping rocks, feeding the ducks, playing in the mud, etc. These things can give hours of entertainment.

Ready to get started?

summer activities for preschoolers and kids

Summer Activities for Preschoolers and Kids

  1. Make healthy homemade popsicles.
  2. Have an iced tea party.
  3. Put a puzzle together as a family.
  4. Go to the zoo and have a scavenger hunt.
  5. Play in the sprinkler. Find a fun sprinkler attachment.
  6. Have a summer Olympics in your backyard.
  7. Build a lemonade stand.
  8. Make a bird feeder out of recycled items.
  9. Stay in your pj’s and watch movies all day.
  10. Pick wildflowers.
  11. Learn the alphabet and create letter of the week crafts.
  12. Be creative with water play.
  13. Listen to story time at the library.
  14. Skip rocks.
  15. Find a new playground.
  16. Sort through clothes that everyone has outgrown and make a trip to donate them together as a family.
  17. Have fun with food at snack time.
  18. Go for a car ride. (Keep little ones entertained.)
  19. Make easy homemade pizza as a family.
  20. Make instruments out of recycle items at your home.

What are your go-to summer activities for bored kiddos?

More Summer Activities for Preschooler and Kids

Swing by and check out Crystal, a Dallas Mom Blogger, who runs the mommy resource and solution site Crystal & Co.!  She loves to share activities for kids, teach busy families how to meal plan and share real easy recipes. She is a fast-paced mom of all boys, five to be exact (including twins), who is in the trenches of homeschooling. Are you tired yet?

Zoo Scavenger Hunt For Kids

This post is brought to you by Chrissy from The Taylor House

Spending a day at the zoo with my kids is one my favorite summer outings.  Being outside and getting the chance to see animals that we rarely see is such a treat for them.  We always seem to get through the zoo way too fast though! 

I decided to make a printable Zoo scavenger hunt for kids that my boys can use while we are there, they loved my nature scavenger hunt for kids last summer and I decided to use the idea and make another fun version for them. 

This zoo scavenger hunt shows not only the names of the animals but pictures of what they look like.  I thought this would be a great addition and make it useable for young children as well.  As you are walking through the zoo, have your kids point out the animals on the scavenger hunt and cross them off the list!


You can print out your own Zoo Scavenger Hunt that we have created and you will be set for a day of fun at the zoo with your kids!

My boys thought said these animals were some of their favorites and asked to have them on the scavenger hunt.  They weren’t sure if they would be able to find all of them, but I don’t think it should be too much of a problem.  This is a great way to keep them involved and interacting with myself and each other while we are at the zoo. 

I like to laminate our scavenger hunts so that I can reuse them again and again.  Plus, it is easy to erase a mistake if a child makes one!  The nature scavenger hunt for kids that I created last year has been used over and over, and is ready for more use. 


I love that these scavenger hunts are an easy and inexpensive activity for kids in the summer or any time of year to have fun and keep busy!

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