How to Organize Your Coupons

When I mention that I save at the grocery store using coupons, I often hear, “I don’t have time for that.”

Believe me. If it took a lot of time, I wouldn’t do it either!

I’ve got a system that takes me about 10 minutes each week. I know exactly where I can find my coupons, so I can be ready to go all “extreme” when a good deal comes along. This is important if you are trying to buy whole foods for a Green Diet. It allows you to walk into a store and take advantage of the sales, so you can reduce your grocery bills.

This short video shows you exactly how I organize my coupons.

Can’t see the video? Click here to head to The Natural Green Mom YouTube channel.

As I stated in the video, I take my coupon binder with me EVERYWHERE! I’m at the point where I feel naked without it. And my children have even named it! When we start to head out the door, they want to know if “Earl” is coming with us!

Because it goes everywhere I go, I have found having these additional pages helpful:

A business card page for my store loyalty cards.

A zipper pocket for awkward sized coupons and a pair of scissors.

A page with a small envelope that closes. I pull the coupons I plan to use and store safely in there.

When I file coupons, I use baseball card holders. They are about the right size to hold most coupons.

What I do know, is everyone likes to organize things differently. If you don’t think this system will work for you, figure out what will work best. Whatever system you do adopt, STAY ON TOP OF IT! If you take the 10 minutes to organize yourself each week, you won’t find it overwhelming. Miss a week or two, and you may find your house is overrun with coupons!