Supermarket Strategies: Fear Not the Manager’s Special!

Looking for a great way to save on Organics? Looking for the Manager’s Special is the topic of this week’s:

I went into King Soopers looking for a pre-washed salad to bring to a dinner party.  I have no salad spinner. I have no sink. I have NO KITCHEN!

So pre-washed it was.

The organic salads were advertised at $2.99. Sure, I was willing to pay that. Have I ever mentioned I have no kitchen? I have? huh. However, I did better than the advertised price. I bought the Manager’s Special!

Check that out! It’s marked at 1/2 the advertised price!

I looked at the expiration date, and it still had 2 days to go. Certain that I was not going to give the dinner party guests salmonella poisoning, I scooped that bad boy up!

I’ve also found this to be a great strategy for saving on organic meats. I regularly cruise my local grocer’s for discounted meat. This means that just “popping in” to a store pick up a stray item is never as quick an endeavor as my girls would like. However, I have to see if there is something marked down that will save me my hard earned (oops. that’s right. I’m unemployed.) cash. Look at the treasure I found at Safeway!

Look at that! 30% savings! Again, I checked the expiration date, and this time it had one day to go before the Use by/Freeze by date. So, we just went straight home and seasoned and grilled them. I had picked up all four packages that were on special. We ate one package right after grilling, then froze the rest. With chicken, I didn’t want to risk freezing it raw, then having it thaw in my fridge and my not getting to it before it spoiled. Freezing it cooked helped with this.

How do you feel about almost expired food that is marked down? Great savings strategy or sure trip to food poisoning?

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