Supermarket Strategies: Coupon Match-Ups

Making your coupons work for you, and not the other way around is the subject of this week’s:

Because we’ve been spending our time between our house and Pete’s grandma. Because the girl’s started back to school. Because we have a hole in our life. I’ve been popping into stores and just grabbing things instead of planning my  trips.

Let me tell you – this is a very expensive, time consuming way to shop!

When I shop this way, I still always start my shopping trips by swinging by the spots where I know I can find the Manager’s Specials. I find quite a few organic bargains that way. This has always saved me money, and it doesn’t take much time.

However, it’s when I start wondering if I can get any great deals with the coupons in my binder that I start to lose focus and time. My coupon binder is FULL of coupons! If I start wondering around looking for coupon match-ups, the time really adds up!

To make a quick and easy trip through the store, I HIGHLY recommend the following:

1. Consult the Sale Flier – Find out what is on sale and if you have a coupon for it.

2. Consult a Coupon Database – I like to go to Hot Coupon World, We Use Coupons or A Full Cup to match up my coupons to the sales flier.

3. Pull Your Coupons Out BEFORE You Go – I add mine to an envelope and write what coupons are in there and what the amount is. This is really helpful when you check out in knowing how much the value of the coupons are that you handed the cashier. It is much easier to correct a missed coupon when you are at the register then on a trip back to the store!

4. Make a List of Your ECoupons – If you load ecoupons onto your loyalty card, make sure you have a list of them somewhere. I note what I plan to use at the store on the same envelope that holds my coupons. I also keep a list in my cell phone of all my ecoupons so I have it with me.

5. Do Take Your Coupon Binder – You never know when you might see an unadvertised price or a clearance item. However, you don’t want to circle the store wondering if there is a good price on an item you have a coupon for. This really will cost you both time and money.

6. Don’t Worry if You Are Missing A Deal – If there is one thing I’ve learned – there will always be another deal. You might miss a fantastic price this week, but when you plan your trip out for the next time, you’ll get a fantastic price the next week!

If you need to make a quick trip for an item or two – make it just that – a quick trip for an item or two. When you have the time and energy for a huge coupon run, you’ll be far more successful if you plan ahead!

Happily Submitted to Thrifty Thursdays.

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  1. Great suggestions! I don’t even keep a coupon binder. Between blogging and teaching, I just file by insert!

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