Sugar Detox: Finding the Hidden Sugars

Hidden Sugars

First, I’m sorry the photo above is not so great. Taking pictures of food labels with my phone in the middle of the grocery store is apparently not one of my talents.

Being the sweet man that he is, my husband agreed to do this 30 Day Sugar Detox with me. Since he is at work all day, he was hoping for some easy to pack snack-type food to bring with him.

That’s when I started to see all the hidden sugars in products.

Take a look at the Kale Chips – made with coconut palm sugar.

Or the Primal beef strips – made with unrefined evaporated cane juice.

Then there is the Paleo People snacks – the third ingredient is honey.

In fact, I was unable to successfully find anything that had no added sugar. That’s making this detox a little bit harder. Grab and go is nice.

It’s pretty discouraging to know that sugar is added to so many foods. Even those we label as healthy.

Have you read your pre-packaged health food labels recently? Have you found the added sugar?

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  1. My hubby and I are on day 16 of the 21-day detox. It’s absurd the number of items that have sugar added. I spent an hour yesterday in the grocery store reading labels and trying to find snack items that don’t have added sugar. The one that really got me was Glucerna shakes, which are marketed for diabetics, have 6 grams of sugar. And, try to find a protein bar that isn’t loaded with sugar. It’s just plain crazy.

  2. Joanna, Oh I didn’t even think of the protein bar aisle! I’m going to look in our pantry to see if we have any to see the number of sugars. So discouraging, isn’t it? How is your detox going? Andrea

  3. Look at the ingredient list and not the nutrition facts. I am not on the detox diet and don’t know the rules, but I’m going to guess that milk might be allowed, and fruit might be allowed. These have naturally occurring sugars like lactose and fructose (or a chemist would say these do). These are “whole foods” that a dietitian would recommend everyone eat.
    Here are several packaged foods in my cabinet that have no sugars:
    1. 8.5 oz Lundberg Organic Rice Cakes Lightly Salted. ingredients: organic whole grain brown rice, organic wild rice, sea salt.
    2. 12 oz O Organics Raisins. ingredients: organic california seedless raisins
    3. 9 oz Nabisco Triscuit original. ingredients: whole grain soft white wheat, soybean oil, sea salt.
    4. 3.5 oz Mamma Chia Squeeze Vitality Snack. Strawberry Banana. ingredients: hydrated organic chia seeds, organic banana puree, organic apple juice concentrate, organic strawberry puree, organic beet puree, citric acid
    5. popcorn
    Rest of my snack cabinet has dried cranberries and pretzels which I know have sugar, but admitting everything to you.

  4. Thank you for this awesome list Cathy! Andrea

  5. I also enjoy eating Larabars… there’s only a few I eat b/c of the extra “sugar” items that appear as you add more ingredients…
    Coconut Cream Pie: Dates, unsweetened coconut, almonds, cashews, extra virgin coconut oil
    Cashew Cookie: Cashews, dates
    Apple Pie: Dates, almonds, unsweetened apples, walnuts, raisins, cinnamon
    They’re around 200 calories a bar, but it’s all good healthy foods! And they’re easy to keep on hand wherever you go!

  6. Hi Andrea, Thank you for the Larabar recommendation. Cashew cookie is my favorite. I can’t have it on the sugar detox since dried fruit is excluded 🙁 and I miss them! Larabars are what I buy for my kiddos. Andrea

  7. Think skinny protein bars have no surgar and are gluten free

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