Sugar Detox: A 30 Day Experiment

30 Day Sugar Detox Goals

Why a Sugar Detox?

From Halloween to the end of the year, I find my nutritional standards get compromised. Temptation is everywhere I turn, and I often find myself indulging. Then, the more I indulge, the more I crave. I’ve come to the point where every time I finish a meal, I crave something sweet. The craving is so strong, I always give in.

Can anyone relate?

Completing a 30 day sugar detox is my way of resetting my nutritional goals. I know that when I eat healthy, I sleep better, have more energy, and am better able to handle stress.

My goals for the sugar detox are simple: to cut sugar cravings, eliminate refined foods from my diet, and give myself a nutritional jump-start.

Why I’m following the 21-Day Sugar Detox (but extending to 30 days)

I decided to follow the 21-Day Sugar Detox simply because I have never done a sugar detox. I researched various books before I decided to commit to the 21-Day Sugar Detox . Here’s what I like about the program:

  • There are a lot of resources available for free here and here including shopping lists and recipes.
  • If you want to join me, the book is available on Amazon.
  • The program has 3 levels. I personally will be following Level 1 because it is the least restrictive. I was happy to find I could still include some grains on this detox when following Level 1.
  • The program emphasizes whole, real foods. It encourages organic produce and grass-fed beef, just like I do.

I’m extending the 21-Day Challenge to 30 as part of the #30DayMom challenge. Look for the hashtag on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google Plus to find all the participants and their challenges.

The 30 Day Experiment:

Day 1: Getting Started

Day 2: Drinks Without Sugar or Artificial Sweeteners

Day 5: Bad Breath

Day 7: Quick and Healthy Slow Cooker Fajitas

Day 13: Apple, Quinoa and Kale Salad

Day 14: Mexican Meatloaf Cupcakes with Guacamole Frosting

Day 15: Finding the Hidden Sugars

Day 20: 15 Things to Do Instead of Eating When on a Sugar Detox

Day 22: 3 Favorite Kitchen Tools Under $15

Day 26: My 10 Favorite Sugar Detox Recipes

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  1. Valeria Rome says:

    I would really like to follow this plan….I am convinced that I am addicted to sugar and now that I am trying to eliminate it from my diet I’ve found it next to impossible! I’m pretty discouraged

  2. Hi! I am starting a website of my own and I was wondering if I can include a link in one of my posts back to this article and the one you did once the detox was complete? If not, no worries. Please let me know if you can!

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