Small Space Exercise Room Ideas

Have a small space exercise room? Here’s how I’ve set up mine!
Small Space Exercise Room Ideas

Do you own home exercise equipment? Where is it right now?

Ours is in a small space that used to be an entry way. Only now it’s not. It’s an odd shaped bump out that had no purpose.

In this random space that can’t hold any real furniture, we have set up a small exercise room.

Small Space Exercise Room

As you can see, we have quite a bit of home exercise equipment.

I have a total love/hate relationship with our Concept 2 Rower. This was purchased during our Crossfit stage. (We are no longer Crossfitters. Torn rotator cuff, pure hatred of burpees. Nuff said.)

The rower is a great workout and I do jump on there on days when I do my cardio at home.

But storing a rower is a whole other animal. These suckers tend to take up far more room than a treadmill because of their length. So please keep that in mind if you ever decide to purchase one!

We keep ours up against the wall, then maneuver it forward when we want to use it.

On the opposite wall we keep one barbell and a few plates. We’ve found it adequate for doing at home workouts. We’re not exactly throwing the weight around inside our own home, ya feel me?

Utlizing a small exercise space

In the back of the space we had room for a console table. This has worked out great!

On top of the table I keep a bottle filled with water, a few towels for mopping up sweat and wiping down equipment, and a plant to make it look homey.

Below the table I keep our exercise ball and a wicker basket with rollers, ab mats and yoga mats. It helps corral all that extra equipment.

In the drawer to the console table, I store quite a few things that makes this a happy exercise space.

Storing small exercise room equipment

Whenever I get a health or exercise magazine with an at-home workout plan, I tear out the pages and file them in this drawer. Then, if I have a leg day, I’ll look through the files and find one I want to do.

Next, I keep my heart rate monitor in this drawer. Do you use a heart rate monitor? I am HIGHLY motivated by watching how many calories I burn.

I also keep yoga mat cleaning spray, ear buds (I can’t hear my music over the rower), a small stand for holding my phone (best $8 I’ve ever spent!) to play music when lifting weights, a tennis ball for rolling any really tight muscles, and the pump for my exercise ball.

This small space exercise room actually holds quite a bit of equipment and works for days when getting outdoors or to the gym simply isn’t an option.

So that’s our exercise room!

What small space exercise room ideas have you found that work?

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  1. Amanda W. says:

    Where did you find the little shelf you have your weights on? I need one of those! Good job on organizing your small space 🙂

  2. Hi Amanda, My weights are actually on a shoe rack I found at Target! It works great and was inexpensive. Hope that helps! Andrea

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