Secret Santa Gift Exchanges

How do gift exchanges work in your family? Do you buy one gift for everyone in your family, or do you draw names and do more of a Secret Santa exchange?

We’ve done various types of gift exchanges with each of our families.


In years past, we’ve agreed upon a spending limit for each gift. This is a great way to exercise some creativity and find gifts that the recipient will enjoy for very little money. This is also a great option if you like to have lots of gifts to open on Christmas morning.


Another way we have done presents in our family is to have a higher spending limit, but we only buy one gift for one person. The way we’ve done it in the past is to put names in a hat and draw a name. That is the person for whom you buy the gift. Of course, since we now live in the digital age, that whole process can be digitized. Enter the Secret Santa Supreme – PeapodApps phone app. Now, we can use an app to run our entire secret santa. Each person can enter a wish list. Then the app does the work of randomly assigning each person a secret santa. The app will send an email with the wish list to the person for whom you are buying the gift. Have a few family members that don’t get along? You can tell the app not to match them up!


We’ve had years where the only gifts we bought were for the kids. It’s a great way to spend less. But most of all, the kids seem to be the most fun to buy for and to watch open presents on Christmas morning.

How do you do gift exchanges in your family?

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