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In my post here, I talk about creating a price list. What is a price list, and why is it important to saving?

1. Find the Lowest Prices. By building a price list for the products you purchase over and over, you will know when to stockpile an item. Products tend to go on sale every 6 to 8 weeks. If you can buy an item at its lowest price, and buy enough to last until the next sales cycle, you will save the most amount of money.

2. Know When to Use Coupons Instead of clipping a coupon on Sunday and making a purchase on Monday, you will be able to identify when a product is cheapest and get the most “bang for the buck” out of your coupon! By holding on to coupons, you can get the deepest price discount.

3. Buy Foods in Season Produce prices will be lowest when it is in season. Squash will be at its lowest price in the Fall, strawberries will be at its lowest price in Spring. Keeping a price list will help you stock up on the freshest ingredients at the lowest prices.

4. Advertised Prices Aren’t Always the Lowest Prices! Just because a supermarket flyer includes a product in its weekly flyer, does not mean the product is at its lowest price! Keep a price list and avoid falling into this trap!

5. Stick to Your Budget. If you set a grocery budget that is too low to be reasonably met, you will never be able to stick with your budget. Have realistic expectations for the greatest amount of success!

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