20 Safe and Eco-Friendly Dog Supplies

20 Safe and Eco-Friendly Dog Supplies When Only the Best for Your Dog Will Do

This list of 20 Safe and Eco-Friendly Dog Supplies is made up of the things I’d recommend based on my experience with my two dogs.

One dog we rescued 12 years ago, the other we inherited 6 months ago.

My dogs are my constant companions, and they enrich my life greatly.

As such, I want them to have long, full, and happy lives.

To me, that means applying the same standard for products I buy them that I do for the rest of my family. Therefore, I choose to invest in non-toxic products that are also eco-friendly.

What’s the big deal about eco-friendly dog supplies?

Did you know the country’s 73 million dogs produce about 10 million tons of poo each year?

Or did you know a shredded rubber or plastic toys can take close to forever to biodegrade?

That’s right. Our pets are some of our worst eco-offenders.

Fortunately, there is a great selection of eco-friendly dog supplies currently available.

20 Eco-Friendly Dog Supplies when you want the best for your dog


Interactive Dog Toys

  • Zoloflex TuxThis is my dog’s favorite treat stuffer. I like it because it is a non-toxic, dishwasher safe alternative to the popular Kong. Stuff it with organic treats or simply play toss. It is built tough, but if your dog does destroy it, they will replace it one time. At the end of it’s life, it’s actually recyclable.
  • Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Snoop Toy – Think your dog is smart? Give this snoop toy a try. This toy is intended as a mental challenge, not for use as a chew toy. It conceals your dog’s treats, so he’ll have to work to get it out.
  • Kyjen Treat Triad Puzzle – Take your dog’s intelligence to the next level. This challenging puzzle toy has several layers that need to be uncovered in order for your dog to get to the treats you tuck inside.

Balls and Discs

  • JW Pet Giggler Ball – This ball giggles when moved or bounced. My dogs just look at this curiously. I think it freaks them out a bit. But then it becomes a game of chase and kill the giggler. Happy day. I love that it is made from non-toxic, durable rubber.
  • Zogoflex Jive – This BPA-Free ball is also recycleable. It comes in a small size that is nice for smaller breeds. I’m just a fan of all West Paw products.
  • Zogoflex Zisc – Engage in a fun game of fetch with this pliable, non-toxic and recyclable disc. It also floats if you have a dog that loves water. I can definitely throw a disc further than I can a ball, so this really wears my pups out.

Plush Dog Toys

  • Simply Fido Organic Plushes – Doesn’t your dog deserve to snuggle up with a lovey made out of organic fabrics, all-natural dyes and recycled polyester filler? Choose from a rabbit, monkey, lion, alligator, lamb, or bear.

Eco-Friendly Dog Supplies at The Natural Green Mom

Tug and Rope Toys

  • Harry Barker Ball and Rope – Perfect for any dog that loves to play fetch and tug-o-war. My dogs bring me the ball but don’t want to drop it. They want me to tug. This toy is perfect.
  • Tug-a-Hemp – This rope is made entirely from hemp, which is chemical-free, non-toxic and entirely biodegradable. It’s also a sustainably grown crop. It’s a great eco-friendly dog toy.

Dog Beds

  • OrganicPedic Dog Beds – These are expensive but the beds are made from an organic cotton cover and are filled with organic cotton and organically grown buckwheat hulls.
  • Big Shrimpy Catalina Plush Beds– A big “must” for me in a dog bed is it has to be washable. These are not only washable, but they are stuffed with SmartFill, a polyester fiber made from recycled plastics. When the bed wears out, you can send it back to Big Shrimpy to have it recycled.
  • Harry Barker Striped Hemp Pet Bed – These highly rated dog beds are also quite cute. Made by a company committed to green products, these beds are made from a hemp fabric and filled with post consumer recycled material.

Dog Collars

  • Eton Collar – These remind me of the preppy ’80s! Made from recycled plastics, these are also machine washable. I don’t know about your dog’s collars, but mine gets coated with hair and can be become really dirty.
  • Newport Collar – Again, darling preppy look in tons of colors. Same recycled material as the Eton.
  • Top Rope Collar – If you have a dog with thick fur, consider a top rope collar.

Dog Leashes

  • Hemp Dog Leash – Although these leashes are biodegradable, they are durable.
  • Flat Out Leash – This leash gets high marks. This leash has a three in one design: it comes with a padded handle for handheld outings; a waist-worn option for a good run, and a securing option for errands where your dog waits outside.
  • Ruff Wear Beacon Safety Light – Do you walk your dog at night? Consider getting one of these for your dog’s leash or collar. There are no streetlights on our street, so I really appreciate dog owners who have these.

Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags

  • BioBags – Picking up after your dog is never a fun chore, but it is a pet owner’s responsibility. These bags are made from plants, vegetable oils and compostable polymers. Personally, I like that they are black. As if that can somehow disguise a poop bag. Still. It’s something.


With grooming, I really like to make my own products. They are inexpensive and I know exactly what ingredients are in them. For your grooming needs, check out the Best DIY All Natural Dog Shampoo and Non-Toxic Pet Odor Eliminator.

Do you look for eco-friendly dog supplies? Do you have any favorites you would recommend?

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