Rainbow Citrus Water

Citrus Water Recipe


A delicious and refreshing recipe for Rainbow Citrus Water that infuses the flavors of lemon, orange and lime into water. This is a great substitute for soda. There are some pretty compelling reasons why you might want to give up soda and drink more water:

  • Soda has no nutritional benefits
  • The acid in soda erodes the teeth
  • Phosphorus in soda leeches calcium from the bones

The problem with switching to water? The taste. Or should I say the lack thereof? Particularly true when you are used to the sugar rush that comes from soda.

That’s why I’m featuring flavored water recipes for the month of January. Each of these can be made for the exact same cost as a liter bottle of soda purchased on sale with coupons – in other words: cheap! To stretch your bucks a little further, I also will refill my water pitcher before the flavor wanes (or worse – changes!) and I make up a new batch of refreshing deliciousness.

Glass of Rainbow Citrus Water

This week’s recipe is Rainbow Citrus Water. Citrus is in season and can be purchased for less than a dollar during the winter months.

Rainbow Citrus Water

  • Slice an orange, a lemon and a lime into thin slices and remove all seeds
  • Add to pitcher and add approximately 1/2 gallon of water
  • Allow to sit in the fridge for several hours

Easy-peasy-squeezy. I’ve been trying to drink only water – or maybe some hot green tea if it’s cold – daily. Recipes as simple as this are a huge help.

Rainbow Citrus Water

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  1. Great idea! I’m really loving your blog.

  2. Thank you Mary! That made my morning!

  3. How long do you reuse the same fruit in the pitcher or do you use new fruit every time you refill your pitcher with water? LOVE your blog…started reading it because of the costco organic info πŸ™‚

  4. Angie – If we go through a pitcher fairly quick, I will use the fruit for a second pitcher – knowing it won’t be quite as tasty as the first. But sometimes, at a meal or after school, we can go through a pitcher that has steeped for a while, then a quickly made pitcher. After that, the fruit just isn’t very yummy. Andrea


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