Personalize Your Phone Chargers

Personalize Your Phone Chargers

Are you the type that knows exactly where your phone charger is? Me too! Are you the only one in your family who knows where their phone charger is? Me too!

Personally, it drives me batty when someone takes my charger and I can’t find it.

I recognize this idea is not rocket science, but since I had this problem in my house, I thought maybe it might be a problem in your house too.

Here’s the lightbulb idea:

Use washi tape to decorate your phone charger. When someone in your family steals it borrows it, you’ll know who to blame!

This problem is so endemic in my house, when I gathered up all the chargers and laid them down with the tape, my daughter said, “Oh. Is that so we will stop taking your charger?”

Why yes, little grasshopper, it is.

Why washi tape? ‘Cuz it’s stinkin’ cute!

Actually, I use Washi tape because it is basically a decorated masking tape. It comes off easily without leaving behind any sticky residue and it comes in a range of darling patterns. Of course, if you already have colorful duct tape already in your house, you can use that. But be prepared to deal with stuck-on adhesive should you want to remove it.

What do you think? Will it work in your house?

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  1. I did this last week, and so far no one (aka my daughter) has taken it. Since I have an Iphone 5 and hers is a 3 my cord is safe – for now! Glad to see we are not alone with this problem! Oh the fights that have ensued over those little white squares. lol. Good luck!!

  2. Diane, You nailed it when you said, “oh the fights that have ensued over those little white squares”!!!!! Here’s hoping this technique works in both our houses! Andrea

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