Organic Costco Price List

Organic Costco Price List

Many of you have asked for the quantities purchased and unit price on my Costco shopping list. Here it is! This is everything I bought on the first week of my Organic Costco Challenge – 4 weeks only $475 to spend and buying as much organic as I could.

Still not sure about a Costco membership even after seeing the unit pricing? Read Is a Costco Membership Worth It?

Costco Price List Organic Staples

Costco Price List Organic Perishables

Costco Price List Organic Produce

Costco Price List Organic Protein

Costco Price List Organic Frozen

What do you think is the best bargain at Costco?

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  1. I am jealous of your Costco’s prices and selection. The Costcos by us are more expensive and have fewer organics. Thanks for the post, though. I need to start keeping a list like this for myself. I made a Costco pricelist last year, but never took the time to break everything down by unit cost.

  2. You’re welcome Eryn. I’m encouraging people to fill out request cards at your Costco (if you do indeed shop there). I’m convinced if I can get it at my Costco – you should be able to get it at yours too. Not sure it will work, but it is worth the 30 seconds to fill out the request card. With enough pressure, they should get the message that organic is important to consumers! Andrea

  3. Thanks for the tip, Andrea! I didn’t even know you could do that. I will be filling out a comment card next time I go in.

  4. Oh, no! I saw this after going to Costco this morning. Clearly I need to sign up for your mailing list!

    Since I’m pushing myself to drop more processed stuff (not that we buy much) off my grocery list, I took my time at Costco looking for organic ingredients and reading the labels. I should have asked about the organic strawberry jam which I couldn’t find.

    Your prices look similar to what I saw this morning. I noticed that Costco changed their organic peanut butter recently. My kids don’t like it so we’re back to the Jif Natural which I can get in big jars at Giant.

  5. Barbara, Do you know, the organic strawberry jam has disappeared from my Costco. ????? That is one of the bummers of shopping there. You can fall in love with a product, only to have it become unavailable the next time. Hope the list helps for next time! 🙂 Andrea

  6. New to your site and wondering where you are located? So I can know if these prices would be in my region. Thanks for the list!

  7. Hey Stacy! Thanks for “stopping by!” I’m in Colorado, so these are the prices I found in my store. Now, I cross checked with Costco prices in Atlanta, and they all seem to be the same – but of course wherever you are they might be totally different! Andrea

  8. Andrea- Your pricing is very similar to our pricing here in the Minneapolis area. There are a few items within a dollar either way, but otherwise almost identical. Almonds, Craisins, Oatmeal, Chocolate Chips same. We have 100% whole wheat organic bread for $4.99 for 2 loaves.

    I’ve switched my primary shopping to Costco, then TJ’s, the Whole Paycheck, in that order. This way, I get the most organics at the lowest prices.

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Steven, Thanks so much for letting me know your Costco pricing in Minneapolis. It’s good to know the pricing is fairly consistent across the country – some stores like “Whole Paycheck” have wild variation in pricing dependent on location. Your shopping strategy is similar to mine but wish we had a Trader Joes! Thanks again for commenting, Andrea


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