Make a Pie Crust Shield for the Perfect Pie Crust

Usually when I make a pie crust, I don’t go through the trouble of making a fancy edge. This is particularly true if I am simply making something like a quiche for dinner.

However, when making a pie for an occasion – such as Thanksgiving or a potluck – then I like to get a little fancy with my pie crust edges. As if I do it all the time. I think they call it “putting on airs”.

That’s me. The poser.

If I have gone through the trouble of making the perfect pie crust, I want to protect my edges from overbrowning. Enter the simple pie crust shield.

Made with aluminum foil, this is an easy way to have your crust get evenly brown without burning.

How to Make a Pie Crust Shield

    1. Tear off a 12 inch piece of aluminum foil
    2. Fold in half
    3. Fold in half again
    4. Cut out a semi-circle three inches in from the edge
    5. Unfold and your circle will fit perfectly along the edge of your crust

That’s it! Simple steps to making a foil pie crust shield and you’ll never have to cry over an overbrowned edge.

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