How to Use Shopkick to Get FREE Gift Cards!

Shopkick for Free Gift Cards

Have you downloaded Shopkick onto your smartphone? I have and I am earning FREE gift cards to Target!

Shopkick is a program that awards you points – called kicks – for walking into stores. Once in the store, you can get additional kicks for scanning products or for making purchases.

Cash your kicks in on gift cards and other rewards.

It only takes 500 kicks to earn a $2 Gift Card to Target. Once you start using Shopkicks, you will find it is incredibly easy and quick to earn 500 kicks.

There are three ways I earn my Shopkicks.

1. I have the app on whenever I enter a store. The amount of kicks you earn depends on the day and the store. As soon as you enter the store, Shopkick adds your kicks.

In one day of errands, you can rack up points pretty quick!

2. If I have time, I might scan a few items in the store. You can scan items most anywhere you shop – Costco, Target, Best Buy, Office Depot – to name a few.

If my girls are accompanying me on errands, I will often hand them my phone and have them scan the items for me. What kid doesn’t like to scan things? Plus, it becomes like a store scavenger hunt for them to find the correct item and scan it.

3. I browse through what are called “Editor’s Books”. These are books of products that Shopkick has an interest in highlighting. Scroll through these and hope to find the “Tap for a Surprise” page.

Shopkick Tap for a Surprise

Not every editor’s book will have one of these pages, but if you find one, they are typically worth 1 kick.

This is only something I do when I have some extra time. It might be while sitting in the car waiting for someone, or it might be while  watching TV. I consider that time “not doing anything” so I like to be able to feel like at least I am earning something.

Have you tried Shopkick yet? Any tips for earning kicks to share?

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