How to Treat Red Bumps on Arms Naturally

Treat those yucky red bumps on the back of your arms naturally

Do you have those pesky red bumps on your arms? The ones that look like “chicken skin”? If you raised your red bump covered arm, you are in good company. 80% of the population has red bumps called Keratosis Pilaris either on their arms, thighs, or booty.

Mine happen to be on my arms. Of course I think having it on the back of my arms means I have it in the absolute worse place in the history of ever. Sleeveless shirts mock me in the summertime. Tank tops cause me all kinds of stress.

Doctor treatment of my keratosis pilaris has had virtually no effect, even though I have tried some aggressive forms of treatment. Forgive me for wanting a magical cream to rub on daily, regardless of toxicity to the rest of my body, so that my arms look great in a sleeveless little black dress.

Unfortunately that doctor prescribed magical cream does not exist.

Being stubborn, and perhaps just a wee bit vain (thank you for understanding), I have never given up trying to improve the appearance on the back of my arms. Which is how I hit upon this gem of a treatment.

I should have known that a simple, all natural treatment would be just as, if not more effective than, anything a high priced dermatologist ever gave me.

Have I mentioned that this all natural treatment is also super cheap and uses ingredients you have in your kitchen? 

Go forth to your kitchen and gather white sugar and olive oil. With just these two ingredients you can start erasing those bumps right away.

If you are thinking to yourself, “This sounds suspiciously like she is telling me to make a sugar scrub.”

That’s because I’m telling you to mix up a sugar scrub.

In order to treat those red bumps on your arms you need to do two things:

  1. Exfoliate
  2. Moisturize

The sugar will exfoliate your skin while the oil provides the moisture.

Red Bump Eraser Scrub

If you are thinking it can’t be as easy as a sugar scrub, I ask you to give it a go. What do you have to lose?

Oh yeah. Those embarrassing red bumps on the back of your arms.

Because you need to be consistent in using a scrub every day when you shower, this is what you need to do.

First, I now keep a 5 pound bag of sugar under my sink. It is inevitable that you won’t remember you ran out of scrub until the water is running and you are naked. Don’t ask me how I know this. Just keep the bag of sugar under your sink.

Next, I started with olive oil but I graduated to NOW Foods Avocado Oil. The oleic acid in the avocado oil provides great moisture for your skin. I’ve come to absolutely swear by it as the best. But if what you have is olive oil, you will still receive plenty of moisturizing.

I encourage you to use a ball plastic freezer jar to store your scrub in the shower. The scrub will get your hands oily and you do not want to have a glass jar slip and break in the shower.

You are going to put approximately 1 cup of sugar in the jar and still leave about an inch of headroom. Pour in avocado oil almost to the top. Put on lid and shake vigorously to mix.

At this stage you are good to go. Scrub your arms every shower. Within a few days you will notice the bumpiness has been greatly reduced. However, you need to use it consistently before you will notice a decrease in the redness of your arms.

There is one drawback to this scrub. If you work up any kind of sweat during the day, you will be left smelling like “Eau de Olive Oil.” And you don’t need to have a work out sweat. I’m talking about getting into a car that is too warm sweat.

So basically, you will smell.

This is where essential oils come to play. Adding essential oils helps you smell great all day.

Here are some of my favorite essential oil combinations to add to your sugar scrub:

6 drops peppermint
2 drops lavender

6 drops peppermint
6 drops wild orange

A bunch of drops of bergamot essential oil all by itself

A bunch of drops of lavender essential oil all by itself

There you have it. The best way I’ve found to treat keratosis pilaris red bumps. Please try it and be sure to report back with your results!

Ready for more natural beauty remedies? Check out my new book!

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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  1. I JUST developed this on my right arm. All the lotion in the world hasn’t made a difference! I will SO be trying this! Thanks, friend.

  2. Years ago, I started using apple cider vinegar as a hair rinse. Unknowingly, I went to the gym to work out and as I was on the tread mill working up a sweat I started to smell vinegar and it was quite strong. I realized it me! I hustled out of the gym.

    I have those red bumps too. I’ll have to give this a try.

  3. I can’t wait to try this! What kind of moisturizer or lotion do you use? I’m looking for a good all over body lotion that is organic or at least chemical free and good for dry and sensitive skin. Thanks!

  4. Hi Amanda, I actually don’t use a lotion right now. I use the sugar scrub all over and the oil acts as my moisturizer. You do have to be careful because oil does have the potential to rub off on your clothes. Hope that helps, Andrea

  5. Kristia, That is funny! I will sometimes shower before I play tennis, and that is when I realized I smell like oil when I sweat. It’s not an attractive scent. Thanks for sharing, Andrea

  6. I used to have the red bumps (and still have a few) but started dry brushing before my showers and all over coconut oil after. I’ll have to try this using coconut oil! Maybe it will do the trick on my last bit of chicken skin!

  7. What a great idea, thanks! I’m going to try coconut oil (because it’s what I have on hand and it always smells good)…it might be a bit tricky because it’s more solid but it absorbs quickly.

  8. Could coconut oil be used instead?

  9. Andrea – thanks for the tip. Looking forward to trying your method.

    Amanda – try Nourish from Bloom Naturals. I discovered it a few months ago and am enjoying it.

  10. Would different oils make a difference to the smell? People who make mayonnaise advise not to do it with olive oil as it is too strong – is there a less potent oil on the market that would smell nicer?

  11. Claire, Yes! Different oils can be added to make a scent combination you enjoy. Most essential oil sections in the natural food stores have flyers with different recipes. You can see if you can find those to get combination ideas you enjoy. Peppermint and rosemary is really invigorating in the shower. As far as oils go, I know most households have olive oil and so that is just a really great place to start and try this to see if it works for you. But, avocado oil is really neutral smelling (until you sweat) and sweet almond oil is another good one to try. Adding some coconut oil to your scrub would help too – remembering it is a solid at room temp, so you definitely need a liquid oil too. Hope that helps! Andrea

  12. Beth, You can definitely add coconut oil, but I would do a mix of coconut oil and a liquid oil such as olive, avocado or sweet almond even just to help it all stay well mixed together and go on easily. Andrea

  13. I don’t have the red bumps, but my daughter does…I’ll have to try this. Also, coconut oil is really good as a natural moisturizer too!! I have been using it on my face w/ no breakout for the past week as well as my dry legs…although I feel like it smells like a greasy turkey when I put it on. I just bought some bergmont and tea tree oil to add for fragrance.

  14. Kristy, Coconut oil will work great. I would recommend a bit of a liquid oil with it to keep it liquidy for application, but you are spot on about it having a more pleasant smell! Andrea

  15. Kat, Dry brushing is a great suggestion for exfoliation (and lymphatic system stimulation!). Coconut oil works well, but as I’ve been suggesting, combining it with a liquid oil at room temp makes applying it in the shower easier. Hope this erases that chicken skin for you! Chicken skin girls unite! Andrea

  16. Kelly, Greasy turkey! Ha! Yes indeed. I think bergmont would be a lovely smell to add. Hope it works for your daughter! Andrea

  17. I would suggest adding tea tree oil to the mix. It’s healing powers would be beneficial as you scrub down that layer and possibly open those bumps. AMANDA, I use an incredible lotion that has been clinically proven better than Ucerin. It has cured my sons eczema! I can get you more info; it’s not found in stores.

  18. OMG. I have tried EVERYTHING. I only recently developed this about years ago after my first baby. I never ever had it before. My arms used to be so nice and clear not anymore. THEN, over the summer my year old got it horribly all over her arms and now my 18 month old has got it. WTH. I am so frustrated. I really refuse to believe its herieditary like the doctor says. I really don’t think they know. I have changed my diet, not drastically, but tried to cut out as much gluten as I can. IT HELPED! I only get little bumps once in a while. My daughter has a harder time staying away from the gluten but it really seems to be making a difference. I hope this helps someone else. I wish I would of known a while ago!

  19. I guess my comment did not post for whatever reason. To shortly sum it up I have this. It only recently showed up, on me as well as my children. I kept wondering what triggered it. After trying everything…and I mean everything, I tried to go away from gluten. LOW AND BEHOLD it worked! It is very hard to stay off gluten completely. BUT it is all but gone now. The purple dots are even going away. My year old has a more difficult time staying away from the gluten and her little arms show it. But at least we know now. HTH.

  20. Hi Rita, Tea Tree oil would definitely be worth a try. I haven’t added it before, but hey, anything to help get rid of them! 😉 Thanks for commenting, Andrea

  21. Hi Tiff, The suggestion to get rid of gluten is certainly one worth trying. And I’m with you – I don’t think the doctors really know. They just prescribe stuff. Nothing they’ve given me has ever worked any better than the sugar scrub has! Andrea

  22. Thanks for the suggestion, I will definitely try that! Love the idea of using peppermint and rosemary : )

  23. I totally agree that the sugar scrub helps–I use a coconut oil based one. But I recently learned what the underlying cause of the “chicken skin” is–fatty acid deficiency. Start taking a good dose of your Omega-3’s like cod liver oil or flax and it will help. Both my daughter and myself struggle with chicken skina and it helps! If you want to read more about it, check out the book, Cure Your Child with Food: The Hidden Connection Between Nutrition and Childhood Ailments by Kelly Dorfman

  24. Melissa, Thank you for the Omega-3 suggestion! I appreciate your insight. Andrea

  25. I had the bumpy skin on the underside of my upper arm, but wasn’t too bad. My sister also has it, so I think in part it’s hereditary. I started using Vitimin E cream (if you’re in Australia, its a white and orange bottle/tube by the ‘invite e’ brand name) and after a 2 or 3 weeks of applying each night my arms were super smooth. So definitely recommend this cream. I haven’t tried the scrub as I only just read the article and now wont need it. But I can see how people with bad cases this might be good for in conjunction with using a cream.

    You can get the little vitamin e oil bottles as well, which is great for treating scars and making them fade (better than bio oil!!) And if you go away somewhere the vitamin e oil, it wont leak in your luggage like bio oil can.

  26. I have this so bad!! Tried a ton of different “treatments” and nothing! Question on application: once you apply and scrub… Do you wash off with just water? No soap? I am worried about oil getting on clothes/towels.

  27. You might also want to look into eliminating wheat / gluten as it is connected with this problem. It’s good to find a solution to the outside but more important to figure out why it’s happening in the first place. (Western allopathic) Doctors are always looking to treat the symptoms without ever investigating the causes of these things. “Oh well, a lot of people have this problem, try this drug” is NOT a good answer.

  28. RH, Looking into gluten has been suggested a couple times, so thank you! Couldn’t agree more – they want to prescribe something just to get us out of the office and make their $. Nothing has ever worked any better than the all natural solution I’m suggesting here. But I’m sure no doctor will ever tell you that! Thanks for sharing, Andrea

  29. Keri, I do just rinse with water and I don’t use soap to remove the oil. You do want the oil to sit and be absorbed on your skin. I then get out of the shower, blot lightly with a towel, and then I do hair/makeup in a robe before getting dressed. I have not experienced any staining on my towels or robe, but you do need to be careful. I’m not really sure if this answer helps you, but this is my experience. I hope you’ll try this! My arms have never been so soft. The red doesn’t go away so quickly, but the bumps have for me (and I’d say I have this really bad too) Andrea

  30. Sounds like a lovely treatment and a classic sign of Omega III deficiency so also treat from the inside out too.

  31. Thank you for posting this. I know for a fact that this works! I do the same thing, but instead of olive oil I use baby oil. Baby oil is essentially mineral oil which is noncomedogenic, so it won’t clog pores, plus you won’t have that olive oil smell. Also, I have eczema too, and this worked like a charm. Great post, and thanks for sharing this. 🙂

  32. Thank you for the advice Maggie! I do take an Omega 3/Vitamin D supplement as well and encourage others to do the same. I love the “treat from the inside out” philosophy! Andrea

  33. I scrub with sugar and olive oil every shower and then I dry off, spray on a very light homemade toner then finish with a light rub of coconut oil. Has really helped!

  34. I have had those and I picked at them and now I have scars that are white. How do I get rid of those? Thankyou!!

  35. Hi Lilly, I wish I knew how you might get rid of those scars, but I’m afraid I have no clue. 🙁 Sorry, Andrea

  36. Ive had this problem on my arms and thighs ever since I was a kid. Thank Goodness I found this! Thanks

  37. Thanks for the great post! I’m going to try this on myself & my 7 year old daughter ( & my poor girl has it on her legs too- tough with her being a competitive gymnast). Her doctor recommended a lotion called AmLactin, that seems to help too, But who doesn’t love a good scrub? Where do you buy your avocado oil from? I don’t remember seeing it at our local market. Thanks in advance for the info & Thanks a million for posting this!
    Chicken skinned sisters unite 😉 *Kari*

  38. Brittany Lichter says:

    I haven’t read through all of the comments, but I just wanted to share what finally worked for me: Differin. It’s a prescription gel that comes in a tube. It greatly helps the exfoliation process, more than any scrub I have used.

  39. I will say this, I’ve had these bumps for yeeeaarrsss, and as stubborn as I am, tried everything from prescribed treatments to quite costly “remedies” and none of them helped one bit. My grandma told me about this a few months ago, and so far I am loving it!
    Three drops vanilla, four drops coconut. Leaves you smelling like a hot summer momma!!
    I recommended my friends to this as soon as I saw it and they are in love!

  40. I want to try this technique as well as the dry brushing, but as I am new to these methods I have a few questions. First do you do the sugar scrub first and then bath normally, or do you do it after your shower routine? Also can I get more details on dry brushing? I have no idea how to do it let alone what kind of brush to use! I would be ever so grateful for the extra details! Thanks!

  41. Just a little reminder that cooking oils and things can clog your drains!

  42. Brandy, It is a good reminder too! Thanks, Andrea

  43. Hi Ciera, I actually don’t dry brush, so I’m afraid I’m not a good source of information on it. Andrea

  44. Maddie, I’ve had these bumps for yeeeeaaars as well. 🙂 Thanks for giving me your recipe. I bet you do end up smelling amazing! Definitely going to use those oils in my next batch of scrub! Andrea

  45. Hi Brittany, Thanks for sharing what is working for you on these ugly red bumps! I’ve tried prescriptions as well, but for me, I’ve found the all natural scrub has been what has worked. Andrea

  46. Hi Kari, LOL! Definitely chicken skinned sisters united! I get my avocado oil from Vitacost. It’s a great price on there and I usually order several bottles at a time. I like that it comes right to my door. I can also find it in my local Natural Grocers or Whole Foods Market. Andrea

  47. I tried this too and loved it you could add coffee in if u like the smell of it as that’s what I do

  48. Hi Hala, I love the suggestion to try coffee grounds! Thank you for suggesting it. Andrea

  49. Sugar feeds candida (yeast), and a candida imbalance in the body could be the cause of the bumps, as could be a gluten sensitivity. I would treat the source instead of masking symptoms.

  50. April of 2013 I had to go gluten free due to hypothyroidism/Hashimotos, which has been stable without medication since making the change! The unexpected side effect was NO MORE CHICKEN SKIN!!! I’ve had it since I was a little girl and now, finally, at age 35 I’m gluten free and chicken skin free! Honestly, it feels almost miraculous, because I had tried everything before this!

  51. Heather, I keep hearing gluten-free diets clear up these skin bumps. I just can’t wrap my head around the fact that 80% of us have them. Has our gluten from GMO wheat become that toxic? Makes me wonder. Thanks for sharing, Andrea

  52. Vitamin A deficiency is another culprit that causes this condition.

  53. In your recipe you tell us to add the oil to the top. Do you mean pour the oil slowly so that it is absorbed into the sugar as well as the inch on top. Or just a little oil to top off the sugar? Just the top inch?

  54. Kimberly, In my recipe for how to treat red bumps, I just pour the oil on the top of the sugar. About an inches worth. Then I secure the top really well and shake. The first few days you use it, it definitely feels like you have more sugar than oil. But by the time you get to the bottom, you have more oil than sugar. It is an inexact science, but you don’t need to be too fussy. You can’t really mess it up. Hope that helps! Andrea

  55. Love your post. I make a similar scrub with salt and fractionated coconut oil to address the odor and shelf life issues, but still add the essential oils for a nice scent.

  56. Can you use organic coconut oil instead of the olive or avocado oil? And by switching to avocado oil, did you have the sweat/smelly problem? I have bumps on my legs and it sucks during shorts season! Thanks!

  57. So great gonna try this immediately! I use vanilla and sweet orange or tangerine and smells like creamsicle. I also love vanilla and patchouli, grapefruit and orange and rose and sandalwood.

  58. Ashley Mumpower says:

    The only thing that has ever completely cleared my keratosis pilaris has not been given by a dr. (Although I’ve tried that too.) and no consistent buffing and herbal treatment has worked for me either. Quitting gluten for at least 2 months with no cheats gave me clear and perfect, trouble-free skin on the backs of my arms, thighs and toosh for the first time in my life! It was a awesome side effect of something I was doing to get off my migraine meds. It worked on both accounts!
    I just had to share!

  59. Can you use baby oil? Or does that not work?
    Also do you know an approximate measure ment for the oil instead of just about an inch?

  60. I’ve been fighting this problem all my life. Getting a sun tan helps tremendously. Now that Im in my mid thirties I’m more concerned about sun damage than I was when I was younger. Being a South Texas girl its kinda hard staying pale here. I have found a lotion called AmLactin that has been a lifesaver during those fall months when my skin is at its worst. Coupled with sugar scrubs 2xs a week. It works like a champ. Its over-the-counter..I get it at my local CVS pharmacy. I feel for all who have to waste so much time, energy and money just trying to have normal healthy skin. Good luck to yall. Hope you find this helpful.

  61. Hey!
    I saw this and i really going to try this too!
    But… is that olive oil for cooking or to body? Or is that matter at all?
    Thanks to you already!

  62. Hi Rosita, Olive oil for cooking works great! Andrea

  63. Kayleigh Edwards says:

    Also if you use sudocreme on them before bed they disappear in a day or two 🙂

  64. Victoria Schroeder says:

    I have found that a sugar scrub works fine for mine, but what has worked the best is an olive body scrub from the body shop. It works amazingly, and you don’t get the funny sweat smell.

  65. So if you use the Olive oil you won’t stink when you sweat? I spend 1-2 hours everyday working out so would rather not stink, haha.

  66. Sonia Tipp says:

    I have been using this sugar scrub for a few months now and the results are fantastic. I use a brand of almond oil from Whole Foods called Now Solutions. The smell is very faint and I don’t need to add any essential oil. Thanks so much for this home remedy!

  67. Sonia, Thank YOU for sharing! I’m so glad it is going well! I’m going to take a look for the Now Almond Oil and I’ll give it a try! Andrea

  68. Katie P says:

    Do you still use soap to cleanse your body or do you just use the scrub? If so what body wash do you recommend?

  69. Oh Katie. Prepare to be disgusted. I don’t use soap on a regular basis. I do have Dr. Bonner’s Castile soap and a few bars of homemade soap and use them with a scrubber after I hike and am covered in dust. But on a regular day, I don’t use soap. I’m just too dry. Colorado is just too dry. My skin gets too scaly and unhappy. Keeping it real. Andrea

  70. Hi. Would this be safe to use on my 4 month old? He has bumpy eczema skin and I’m afraid it’s going to scar him for the rest of his life. Do you use regular Domino white sugar, or brown sugar or sucanat?

  71. Hi Tes, I wouldn’t use the sugar scrub on a 4 month old. I think it would be too harsh. But using coconut, almond or avocado (my favorite) oil on his skin would be worth a try. When I make the sugar scrub, I use the cheap white sugar. Andrea

  72. Christine says:

    I just mixed this up for a shower I’m about to get. Really hoping I see some results after awhil! I’m using avocado oil. Wondering about the coconut oil combo tho….considering that coconut oil is a solid at room temp how does the scrub work then?

  73. Christine, When I make the scrub with coconut oil, I heat it to a liquid then stir it into the sugar. It will harden up at room temperature. However, I find that just scooping a bit out and rubbing it on my arms, between the steam of the water and the heat of rubbing it on, it reverts to being a liquid. Give it a go! Andrea

  74. Stephanie B says:

    So, after all the comments Andrea which is your favorite. The avacado, olive, almond or coconut oil?

  75. Stephanie B says:

    So Andrea, after all the comments, which is your favorite? Avacado, olive, almond or coconut oil?

  76. Stephanie, I’m still using avocado oil. I’ve added coconut oil a few times, but am generally too lazy to heat it up to mix it in. I keep the sugar and avocado oil under my sink and mix it up right before I shower. 🙂 Andrea

  77. I’ve had those my whole life, and a couple of years ago I started making and using goats milk soap. And it’s mostly gone now, which I was surprised about. I think I will try this too and maybe they will be completely gone. 🙂

  78. Marlene says:

    I’m ready to try this. I have this on my arms, legs and butt. With it already on the triple digits I’m really hoping this works for me and I can wear shorts and tank tops without the “chicken skin” look!

  79. Shaunery says:

    To Tes ^^^^^^
    For your little 4 mo olds eczema, look for a moisturizer with pure Shea butter, bees wax and natural oils. Stay away from petroleum based moisturizers. I used a product called a lotion bar for my children and had wonderful results!

  80. Coconut oil works too…no bad smell either!

  81. I’ve suffered from KP since grade school….I’m 37 now and about 5 years ago was told by a nurse practitioner to use Amlactin lotion to treat. You can find Amlactin at most Walgreen’s, and it’s around $20 for a 10 oz size container. With daily use you’ll notice a huge difference in about 5 days, then just using every other day will keep bumps away. It’s life changing.

  82. My son is allergic to coconut oil (he has a tree nut allergy) so keep an eye out for allergic reactions. I like 1 cup white sugar, 1 cup brown sugar, grape seed oil stirred in to proper scrub consistency then add in lavender oil. Lavender oil has a natural way of reducing the cebum that the sebaceous glands secrete. Good luck!

  83. Stephanie says:

    Can i use vanilla extract instead of the essential oils?

  84. I have a question: have you had any problems with your shower drain backing up with the oil? I haven’t tried the scrub yet, just curious if this might be a problem. Thanks!

  85. Hi Aydrea, I’ve been using the scrub for over a year and have had no issues with my drain. I can’t guarantee 100% you won’t have issues, I can only tell you that I haven’t. Plus, our family of 4 uses the same shower, and we all use it. So we have a lot of avocado oil washing down our pipes. Andrea

  86. Hi Stepanie, I don’t see why not? Andrea

  87. Do i need to put lotion on after i shower? If so what should i use?

  88. I’m anxious to use this I’ve had this problem with the red bumps on my arms and booty I hope this works cause I’ve gone crazy trying many lotions and nothing has worked and makes me very insecure seeing others with clear skin

  89. Hi Donnal, If I’ve used the red bump eraser scrub on my arms, the oil that is left on my skin is enough of a moisturizer. Andrea

  90. Do you know how to treat stretch marks?

  91. I have been using sugar scrubs on my KP and Eczema for years, since 2001. When I had an allergy test done I found out I was allergic to Lye… which most soaps contain! I make my own Glycerin based soaps and sell them too at a local farmer’s market. I recommend for babies/toddlers to use just oils or Lye Free soaps since it is such a harsh chemical and can cause Eczema and Psoriasis to crack and bleed. I also make and sell lotion bars year round, they are kinder on the skin then petroleum and water based lotions.
    I love the different scents everyone has suggested. I have only used 1 scent at a time. The Orange Creamsicle sounds great!

  92. Leslie R. says:

    Hi there! I too, am in the red bump club!!! What a stinky, ugly club to belong to. I have found something that works great for me….good ol’ coconut oil. I’ll be honest here, I don’t use the organic kind. I use the basic Lou Anna coconut oil found in the baking aisle of the supermarket. I noticed a difference after about 3 weeks. I do use it consistently after every shower. Yep, I use it to moisturize. It is fantastic! All of my kids have the red bumps as well, we’ve been consistent with putting it on my daughter whose 4…..the bumps are almost gone. Thanks for letting me share what works for me- hope it works as good for you!!

  93. I had that bad as a kid. After every shower I would rub my arms dry kind of hard, then I’d put on lotion. It worked. So I imagine using a scrub would help too. The lotion afterwords is key. Go for a good hyper allergenic, no scents or extra crap kind of lotion. They have good lotions for psoriasis that would be perfect.

  94. Hi Andrea, thanks for sharing I will try this for sure ( in the back of my arms just like u and hopefully works. I have a 6yrs old daughter who’s skin is very sensitive to the sun. I have tried everything even a dermatogist and they only say is “dry” skin. I was wondering is Avocado Oil would work for her? Eight now I apply two different creams plus baby sensitive sunblock in the mornings and the same two creams at night. Her skin get really read and then starts pealing specially under her eyes or her chick bones.

  95. I’m wondering if you have to clean the shower after using the scrub? I used a sugar scrub on my daughter for her KP and the tub was dangerously slippery. I can’t imagine having to scrub her every day and then scrub the tub too.

  96. Joann Ellis says:

    I have been looking for a way to treat those little red bumps. Thank you for this scrub.

  97. My 8yr old son has this problem and I have been using Hawaiian Tropics Dark Tanning Oil and so far it has worked for him. We use it every other day.

  98. My daughter had this problem, after endless questions to the dr we decided to see if a sugar scrub would work about a year ago…. We use corse white granulated sugar, brown sugar, some honey, olive oil and a little bit of vanilla….. Works GREAT and smells good too!!!

  99. Hello I’m a Pure Romance consultant & we use to have a sugar scrub that I LOVED! I stocked up before they retired the product, but I ran out & saw this. Being an avid user of our bath& beauty line, I thought why not try our fabulous MIRCALE OIL in this…OMGOSH! It worked way better than expected. Being an antiseptic/antifungal oil it helps with inflammation. We use it for everything in my house. I put in shampoo to prevent dandruff and lice for my kids. It contains tea tree oil which they do not like. It helps heal cuts and scraps faster with minimal scaring.

  100. If you have red bumps on your arms or legs you should be tested with a blood test for Celiac disease. You very easily could have an allergy to grains, wheat, barley, rye, or any other grain, and a blood test from the doctor can tell you that. Scrubs are not going to take away the damage going on in your body if you are allergic to these grains. Please get checked, it’s a much bigger problem and your overall health could be at risk.

  101. lisa Jackson says:

    I’ve suffered, or tolerated this red bump condition all my life. Always worse in the winter, especially the beginning of winter. I’ve used scrubs of ALL nature. sugar, sea salt, natural, chemical… you name it.. what I’ve found that works best has been original Oil of Olay body wash, and Skin So Soft Bath Oil .. the original green bottle..
    Always when I ran out of scrub, moisturizer, body wash anything that did work.. if I quit my skin reverted to the”red bumps”
    Thanks for sharing your recipes…. and thanks for showing me I’m not alone in my affliction

  102. Can I save the left over scrub for the next day?

  103. Salicylic Acid is also a great ingredient to help with it, you guys can use Cerave SA, it’s a moisturizer with Salicylic Acid that u can buy at CVC or Walgreens.

  104. Hi Cristina, You can most definitely save the scrub for the next day! Andrea

  105. Megan Rison says:

    i sure hope this works!!! 🙂

  106. Thanks so much for the post! I haven’t read through all the comments but I was wondering how much this helped the redness?? That is actually my main problem and haven’t found anything that’s worked. I’ve used Amlactan for years and that seems to really smooth everything out but the redness is what drives me CRAZY! Please let me know your thoughts, thank you in advance!

  107. What size jar did you use? Thanks!

  108. Hi Lindsey, The redness definitely takes longer to go away. Just being 100% honest. It’s an all natural treatment, so I’d say commit to trying it consistently for several weeks and see what results you get. I’d love it if you’d share your results here too. Andrea

  109. Hi Emma, I use the large size Ball Freeze jars. You can follow the link I provided and do the search for Ball Freezer Jars to find them and at least see them. Andrea

  110. Thanks so much, Andrea! I’ll look forward to seeing if this works for me!

  111. Andrea, you are an amazing human being for posting this! I have had these little red bumps all over my arms since I was a child and just learned to live with it. But never in my wildest dreams would I find such a fantastic solution! Also, I wanted to let everyone know but more specifically I wanted to tell Lindsey that using Extra Virgin Coconut Oil helps get rid of the redness. Every night before I go to bed I lather up my arms with the coconut oil and in the morning the redness is practically gone and my skin is super soft. Also the coconut oil smells amazing 🙂

  112. Thank you Rachel! And thank you for sharing about the coconut oil!

  113. Cristina says:

    I can’t scrub with a brush or pad and then add the avacado oil? Just seems easier to me and I would imagine same effect.

  114. Hi Cristina, You could use a loofah and scrub then apply the oil. Just be careful not to scrub too hard which will add to the redness. After a few weeks, let me know how it is working! Andrea

  115. Thank you Andrea! I will definitely let you know how it goes in the next several weeks. And thank you Rachel for your comment! I will go out and get some EV Coconut Oil today 🙂 I was wondering, however, do you wrap your arms with anything after you put the coconut oil on? If not, does it get everywhere?? Lastly, does the lack of redness seem to last all day or do you notice it come back later on? I feel like, for whatever reason, my arms tend to look better in the morning without doing anything, and then they get red after I get up and get ready.

    Thanks to both of you for your advice!!

  116. Hi! So I’ve been using this when I shower, but I think it’s been clogging up my drain. What is your recommendation for a non-shower use? Do you think it would work if I put it on my body and then wiped it away with a moist towel?

  117. This is helpful but is also just a temporary bandaid for the problem. The problem needs an internal fix which is Essential Fatty Acids. Start taking fish oil and/or cod liver oil and the bumps disappear within 7-10 days most likely! Not only that but ALL of your skin will feel amazing. And there are many other health benefits as well.

  118. Victoria Pence says:

    I take flaxseed oil instead of fish oil since I’m vegan, and I get good results. Also, topically, the best thing I’ve found is Paula’s Choice 2% salicylic acid liquid (on a cotton ball)…very effective and economical. These two things combined completely take care of bumps and redness for me~

  119. Hi I have this problem and it is stick to my arms and on my back specially after waxing it becomes severe. Please tell me can I use this sugar scrub after waxing? Does it remove my pimples permanently if I wax my skin? thankyou for your consult 🙂

  120. Hello! I was wondering if i need to refrigerate this mixture??

  121. Hi Bia, I’m afraid a sugar scrub would irritate skin after waxing. I might just use some of the avocado oil for a day or two to soothe skin first. Andrea

  122. Hi Ava, No need to refrigerate! I just keep it in my shower. Andrea

  123. I was excited to find your blog post! I was worried I had something more serious going on! I started using coconut oil and baking soda on my arms and just after 2 washes with it my arms are almost completely clear. It really is the moisture from the oil and then exfoliating. I also took a foot buffer to my arms yesterday…it was a little too rough though! Thank you for the encouragement!

  124. Alanna Taylor says:

    Can I use extracts instead of oils to cover up the olive oil smell?

  125. Hi Alanna, Extracts and essential oils aren’t the same. Essential oils are approved for use on the skin, so I’d stick with them. Andrea

  126. I get it on my back – right between my shoulder blades but I’ve found that Tea Tree Oil (you must dilute it) mixed with either Moringa Oil or Sesame Seed Oil takes care of it right away. All three are anti-inflammatory and tea tree oil and Moringa are antibacterial.

  127. If I put coconut oil on my daughter every night after her bath her bumps disappear in about a week. She has then on her arms, legs, and cheeks. Also another oil to try out is Hemp seed oil. It has the highest linoleic acid content of all the oils. I actually us it to keep my face clear of acne.

  128. Hello, thank you for the recipe! I will definitely try it! I was wondering if you recommend using Coconut oil, I have both, normal and Fractionated. Thank you for your advice.

  129. I am DYING laughing about forgetting you ran out of scrub when you’ve already gotten in the shower. I can’t tell you the countless times I’ve forgotten that I needed to refill my soap until the water was already running! Lol!

  130. Great tips, although I have heard from many that the root cause of this issue is likely a dairy or wheat allergy, or dysbiosis of the gut .. the skin shouldn’t need all that attention to get rid of bumps – it is obviously demonstrating inflammation for a reason.

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