How to Make Organic Chicken Stock

How to Make Organic Chicken Broth

It’s a New Year! If you’ve resolved to feed your family better this year, I’ve got some solutions for you.

 For the month of January I want to highlight quick, healthy meal starters. These are the quick and healthy recipes that you can make and use to create dozens of different meals! They are the meal starters that are the backbone of creating healthy, organic meals at home!

Keep Calm and Get Dinner On

First up! – How to Make Organic Chicken Stock. Here’s why I love this recipe:

  • Requires a Whole Chicken – Buying a whole organic chicken is much cheaper than buying boneless, skinless breasts. Plus, you need the skin and bones to really flavor the broth, so a skinless breast just won’t do. Using a whole chicken is what makes Chicken Stock versus using the skin and bones only which makes Chicken Broth. This recipe is great because you now have cooked chicken ready to throw in any recipe.
  • Saves Time! – This recipe does require time – 2 hours – but only about 15 to 20 minutes of hands on time. I do this on a Sunday when the game is on and we’re all hanging around the house anyway. All it really needs is babysitting.
  • Big Payoff! – This recipe creates 8 cups of chicken broth and over 4 cups of cooked chicken. I know you have a million recipes in your arsenal that use chicken broth and/or cooked chicken. Think how easy it is to make this on Sunday and have all the ingredients ready to go to throw together a white chili on Tuesday!
  • Big Savings! – No need to buy organic chicken broth – you made your own! In the video, I also show you how I use what would be “food waste” to flavor the broth! PLUS you can save the skin and bones and freeze them. Wait until you have a second bag of skin and bones. Use them to just make a batch of broth! You don’t have the benefit of the cooked chicken, but you made something out of what would’ve been food waste! How frugal of you. 🙂

Can’t see the video? Please click here.

Do you make your own chicken stock?

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  1. My family won’t eat dark meat, so we buy hormone/antibiotic free bone & skin on family packs of breast meat. Wish we could afford organic; maybe someday!

    I roast the chicken, strip the meat and save the bones, skin & drippings. I package the meat in 2c portions, vacuum seal, and freeze. Precooked chicken is ready for meals anytime! This is to feed a family of 4 on a tight budget. We rarely eat just chicken for a meal, maybe once a month. Instead we use the cooked chicken in casseroles, enchiladas, etc. to stretch it further, making the 2 cups serve 4 of us for a main course.

    I save the bones, etc. in a gallon size freezer bag until it’s full. Then I make chicken stock with Alton Brown’s recipe from Food Network. I freeze the broth in 1/2 cup portions in freezer bags for using as a base to make my own “cream of anything” soup instead of the chemical canned stuff. [2T butter, 2T fresh ground hard white wheat flour-I grind my own, make a roux, add in 1/2c chicken stock + 1/2 c full fat milk or cream-stir over med.high heat until thickened and you have a cream of chicken base. Add other flavors as desired, mushrooms, celery- just saute first] I also freeze some stock in 1 c portions for soup bases… potato soup, chili, etc.

  2. KT ~ I love all of your recommendations! I also stretch my meat by doing it in casseroles, soups, chilies and the like. I take the recommendation of meat as a “condiment” to heart! Thanks for sharing all your great techniques. Andrea

  3. Dear Andrea,
    I also make all of my own stock from scratch – both beef and chicken. We prefer oven roasted or grilled chicken but I’ll save the bones and skin from usually 2 chickens and turn it into stock. Since it’s been roasted or grilled, usually with spices rubbed onto it before cooking, that also adds more flavor to the stock. Some tips I’ve picked up along the way are to break any of the chicken bones you can before adding them to allow easier access to the healthy marrow inside. Also, add a few crushed organic egg shells (about 3-4) and 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar or lemon juice to the stock. It helps to break down the bones and egg shells to draw out more flavor (from the bones) and also dramatically increases the calcium in your stock. I also always add some oregano and sage to my stock, just for flavor. The main difference in how I make my stock is that I start with a little more water than you do because once I bring it to a boil, then turn it down to a simmer, but I leave it sitting on a back burner on the stove for at least 48 hours. What I end up with is a rich, amazing stock, that it almost as dark as my beef stock and is great and healthy even consumed alone in a mug, but is awesome as a soup base or in any other recipe. It is not labor intensive at all to just throw everything in a pot and leave it for a couple days and it makes the house smell great! Thanks again for your website/ministry.

  4. I just made chicken stock from my pressure cooker this week. It came out amazing. I got two big batches, one from cooking the main meal, and a second from the bones. The whole chicken cooked in 27 mins (about 5 cups of broth leftover after dinner), and the second batch of broth took 45 minutes (10 cups). It was a huge time saver and I’m so excited to learn what else I can do in the pressure cooker!
    Now I can use the broth to add some additional nutrition to cooking beans or rice in the pressure cooker later this week.

  5. Emily, How funny! Just last night I had a friend offer to let me borrow her pressure cooker. I was thinking of canning beans, but I never considered trying to make stock. Hmmm. You have me thinking! Thanks, Andrea

  6. Carrie, I did not know to break the bones before making broth with them. I will definitely do that next time. I love learning all the different techniques everyone has suggested on this post. The kitchen is such a fun place to experiment with learning. Andrea

  7. LOVE the video! Thank you so much Andrea for linking up and sharing this meal planning solution!

  8. How did I get such a talented and clever daughter?


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