How to Get Free Products and Coupons in the Mail

If you are looking to save on natural and organic products, sometimes you need to reach out and ask! Often times they have coupons available on their websites or facebook pages.

These are some of my favorite companies to register with to get coupons, samples and free products:

To see how I recently got a FREE product PLUS FREE coupons in the mail, watch the following:

Can’t see the video? Head to The Natural Green Mom Channel.

What are your favorite company websites to register on?


  1. Bernard says:

    I got that same box of pita chips in the mail, probably the same day!

    And like you, I wasn’t expecting it at all, so it was a nice surprise. Kashi did a great job of packaging it for mail delivery, don’t you think? Unfortunately, that box didn’t even last a day! Those sea salt pita chips were so delicious, especially with the organic hummus I got from Costco. Plus, there were 3 coupons printed on the packaging for a generous $1.50 OFF that you can cut out and use.

    Isn’t it amazing what a little thing like registering at a company’s website can do?! I’ve actually used the tactic of writing to all the organic foods companies I like and asking them for coupons. And it’s not just for dry groceries; I’ve gotten coupons for things like organic meats, organic dairy products, and organic body care products. This was especially helpful when I went through a period of 18 months of unemployment. It takes some work, but people should realize that it’s totally do-able to live organically AND cheaply! (Okay, off my soapbox now!)

    Love your blog! I visit at least 3-4 times a week. I especially laughed and enjoyed your posts about the crazy extreme couponers, but we’re not judging or anything!


  2. Bernard – I’m so glad you do stop by! My pita crisps only lasted the day as well. They made a buyer out of me! I do think writing companies is a great strategy for getting extra coupons/free products. I have seen more “we can’t send coupons” comments on websites since the xtreme couponing show started, but I’m sure that will die down. And kudos for managing to eat healthy during unemployment! You had to be resourceful to be able to do that I know. So much of the chemical laden stuff is cheaper. Andrea

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