How to Get FREE Groceries Every Week (Without Extreme Couponing)

Simple tips for ways to get free groceries.
How to Get Free Groceries

Are you getting your free groceries every week?

If you answered no, why not?

If you shop any of the following grocery chains, or have access to one, make sure you are getting your FREE groceries. Most offers simply require you to register your grocery store loyalty card. It takes seconds to do, and you are rewarded with free groceries.

PLEASE READ: These coupons are rarely for organic or natural products!!! However, if you shop any of these stores, or use any of these rebate programs, it is worth finding out what free groceries are being offered from week to week. Not only do we strike organic gold from time to time, but you may find that by getting a few of these free products, you’ve freed up some grocery money to spend on organics!


SavingStar Friday Freebie

SavingStar is the best place to start to find free grocery offers because it isn’t specific to any one grocery chain. If your grocery store has a loyalty card program, it most likely can be used with SavingStar.

Each week SavingStar  has started to offer a Friday Freebie. The product varies each week and you have one week to purchase the product. Each week you must add the Friday Freebie coupon to your account.

Using SavingStar is simple:

Register your loyalty card on SavingStar.
Each Friday, add the Friday Freebie to your account.
Purchase the product.
Your purchase amount will automatically be added to your account when you use your loyalty card at checkout.
Payment for the product is made through PayPal or you can elect to get paid in gift cards.

Safeway Just for You

Safeway Just for You Free Grocery Offer

If you have a Safeway, make sure you are enrolled in their Just For You program. When you enroll in Just for You, you are rewarded with FREE grocery offers.

Redeeming these free grocery offers is easy:

Add the free offer to your loyalty card using Just for You.
Find and purchase the product at your Safeway.
When you scan your loyalty card (or enter your phone number) at checkout, the amount automatically comes off your bill!

I add these to my Safeway card using the link they send me in my weekly email. It takes seconds to do and I’m rewarded with FREE groceries.

Kroger/King Soopers Free Download Friday

Kroger Free Download Friday

The Kroger/King Soopers chain offers a weekly Free Friday Download.

To get your Free Friday Download:

Register your loyalty card with the Kroger/King Soopers website.
Each Friday, visit the Free Friday Download page and load the offer onto your card.
You MUST add the coupon to your card each Friday to get the deal.
Find and purchase the product at your store.
When you scan your loyalty card (or enter your phone number) at checkout, the amount automatically comes off your bill!

Earth Fare

Earth Fare Organic Grapes coupon

Sign up for Earth Fare’s weekly email and they will email you with all free grocery offers. There seems to be a new one every week!

Earth Fare free offers require that you print the coupon sent to you in your email.
OR, if you prefer, you can choose to text “EAT” to 71700 and get the coupons delivered to your phone.
Please note: some of these free offers do require a minimum purchase.


Publix Free Grocery Offer

Have you registered your Publix loyalty card to be able to add eCoupons to your card?

Once you do that, each week before you head out to the store, do a quick browse of the Publix eCoupons online. While they don’t have a free grocery offer each week, they do have the occasional free grocery eCoupons.

Do you shop somewhere that offers free grocery coupons that I haven’t covered here? Please leave the information in the comments section below so we can all save!

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  1. Nathalie says:

    I just signed up for my own SavingStar account but nowhere does it say that you have to scan your receipt and upload it… it seems to work through your store customer loyalty card, like the Upromise program (they also provide the e-coupons for Upromise but you can use both accounts)

    Speaking of Upromise, I’m not seeing it mentioned in your post.
    Like SavingStar, it’s more of a rebate program than a coupon program in that you are able to use coupons on the items in the store and then also cash in on the Upromise offer. But you have to upload it to your account first. They post new offers every 1st of the month but also sporadically throughout the month.
    I did have a rebate for a free can of Starkist tuna (the new, fancy kind) this past month, via Upromise.

  2. Hi Nathalie! Thank you for setting me straight! I actually do use SavingStar, and in fact I just saved $0.75 on Cascadian Farms this week, but I did screw up how you get paid. Corrected it! And thanks for the Upromise reminder! Andrea

  3. Hi, I use Safeway Just for U, but haven’t seen free items — where/what section did you find them?

  4. Hi Maria, I find them under my “Personalized Deals”. And I usually get an email about them every Friday. Do they have your email? Andrea

  5. Humm, Safeway must not love me. I check my personal deals weekly before going to my local Safeway (and did again now) and never once found something free, either there or via the email. Boo. Maybe it’s regional?

    The only free offer I’ve ever found was on the grocery delivery side, but it takes ordering $150 or more to qualify (delivery and in-store offers/sales are different, but Just for U deals work with delivery as well).

  6. When I saw this post, I thought to myself “Simple! Move to Florida and live next to a Publix!” 🙂 The digital coupons are helpful, but I mainly stockpile my free food around the sales!

  7. I live in MN where we don’t have Kroger Kroger’s or Safeway or Publix etc. it feels like the road the song loyalty card and that you promised stuff isn’t here called has a card and Rainbow they they just stopped at the grocery store barely exist anymore to me on that you know there’s basically besides cub foods there is just you know like Walmart and Byerlys? Any advice

  8. Sorry for typos I meant MN doesn’t have hardly huge chain grocery stores anymore.

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