How to Get Free and Discount Products from Amazon (The Easy Way!)

How to Get Free and Discount Products from Amazon The Easy Way!

UPDATE: Amazon has changed it’s policies. It is unclear whether any of these programs will continue to work.

This is not a drill. I just experienced the easiest way to get free and discount products from Amazon.

Here’s the low down.

Sellers on Amazon need accurate and honest reviews from purchasers about their product to rank higher in Amazon search. So they are willing to give you their product for free or deeply discounted in exchange for a review.

That’s it. That’s the secret. Write a review = snag a deal on Amazon!

There are several websites that specialize in matching sellers with reviewers. All of these sites will need to verify your Amazon account. I’ve vetted these companies for you, so you can trust them with this information.

The way each site works varies a bit. However, they are all looking for people who can write a good review on the products they receive.

You will need to adhere to each site’s guidelines and suggestions as to what makes a good review. If you are looking to earn more and better review opportunities, learn what Amazon wants out of customer reviews.

None of these sites will reimburse you for shipping costs. If you are an Amazon Prime member, most products will ship free with your Prime membership.

How to Get Hot Deals on Amazon Products the Easy Way

Here are the sites I’ve had the opportunity to check out for you. – After you register with HonestFew, they will start emailing you deals. For items you’d like to review, you will be given a coupon code to use on Amazon to purchase the product at a discount. Once you receive the product, put it to use. Then, head over to Amazon and leave your honest review.

Every product has a limited amount offered at the discount, so you do need to act fast to get in on the deals you want. – Once you’ve registered with Snagshout, you can browse their selection and choose what item you’d like to review. You will be given a promo code to order the product.

Snagshout limits the number of products you can be reviewing to one at a time. However, after you’ve successfully written several reviews, they will bump that number up to five.

You are required to include disclosure language in your review. Failure to do so may result in your termination from the program. – New products are posted daily to their site or you can elect to get the deals emailed directly to you. Scroll through the offerings and choose what item you’d like to review.

AMZ claims to have the steepest discounts on the products put up for review. Check out their selection to see for yourself.

I was really excited to find an aromatherapy diffuser at a steep discount I wanted to review.

Remember, if you use any of these sites to get cheap products from Amazon, you are obligated to write a review.  Failure to do so will result in your being removed from their service.

Find a product you want to review? Tell us about your experience!

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