How to Cook Grains: A FREE Printable!

How to Cook Grains Small

How do you store your grains in your pantry?

I tend to buy my grains in bags or out of the bulk bins at the grocery store. Once the bag is open, I’ve found I can have a hot mess unless I put my grains in jars.

Look how tiny that millet is. A simple clip just isn’t up to the job.

Open bag of Millet

I have a great funnel I use for canning that makes this a pretty easy chore.

Use a canning funnel to put grains in jars

Once the grain is in the jar, I label it. Amaranth, quinoa, millet, cornmeal… they all look alike when in a glass jar. Labeling is key.

Label Whole Grain in Jars

Then I throw out the bag.

Which has the cooking instructions printed on the back.

Or if you buy from the bulk bin. You never had the instructions.

Enter: the How to Cook Grains Free Printable!

No more Googling water to grain ratios. No more wondering if it was 15 minute for barley or was that 15 minutes for bulgur?

This printable has the most common whole grains and how to cook them.

Let me show you how I use this at my house.

I purchased cork board squares from my Office Max. It came with adhesive, so it was easy to just put a cork board panel on the inside of the cabinet right next to my stove.

Corkboard organization inside cabinet door

Print out the How to Cook Whole Grains. It looks great in color or black and white if you are trying to save printer ink.

Then just thumb tack it up!

How to Cook Grains

Now you can toss out those bags with the cooking instructions with no worries. You’ll now how to make perfectly fluffy brown rice (or millet, or barley…).

Do you tack recipes inside your cabinet doors?


  1. Great idea. I cut out the instructions before I toss the bag, but this is easier. I’ll have to add grits. (I guess you’re not in the south.)

  2. Hi Holly, I’m not from the South, but I bet my Southern raised mother will also be disappointed I forgot to add grits! 🙂 Andrea

  3. The cork is a wonderful idea! Couscous would also be a good one to include on the list…that’s one I buy in bulk.

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