How to Buy Scratch and Dent Appliances (And Save 50 to 60%!)

How to Buy Scratch and Dent AppliancesDid you know you can save up to 50 to 60% off your next appliance purchase when you learn how to buy scratch and dent appliances?

When we remodeled our last kitchen, I bought a brand spankin’ new fridge from Sears. They delivered it to our house a week or two before it was installed.

While we waited for it to be installed, it lived in the garage, where all the workmen were working.

Once it was installed I noticed there was a dent in the front. It was down low and not highly visible, but the fact remained, I had purchased a brand new fridge and it had a dent right in front!

No one would claim responsibility.

Sears claimed it could have been damaged while it lived in the garage or when my contractor installed it.  (True. I never inspected it when it was delivered and I turned down their installation service since the kitchen wasn’t ready for it to be installed.)

The contractor claimed it could have been damaged at the manufacturer or when Sears delivered it. (True. Again, did I mention I did a dumb thing and I never inspected it when it was delivered???)

All that to say, I lived with a fridge that I had paid full price for but it had a small dent in the front.

And ya know what? I was the only one who ever really noticed.

That’s when I learned that I was a-ok with an appliance with a dent in it – but I sure as heck would never pay full price for one again!

When we started the remodel on the kitchen of the family homestead, I became the expert on buying scratch and dent appliances. Like my new dishwasher.

Scratch and Dent Dishwasher

Can you find the imperfection? Would you have found it if I hadn’t told you there was one?

Dishwasher with Scratch

That rub on the control panel does not bother me one bit. I’m more focused on the fact it holds more dishes than the last dishwasher, it is far quieter to run, and it is more energy efficient – saving me on my water and electric bill.

And I was able to get the dishwasher at 50% below retail price – even though it was brand new – all because of that little rub.

Where to Find Scratch and Dent Appliances

While there are stores that specialize in and only carry scratch and dent appliances, you don’t need to live near one to purchase a scratch and dent appliance.

You can find scratch and dent appliances at ANY store that carries major appliances. Sears, Lowes, Home Depot, Best Buy, and any others will all have a scratch and dent section.

If you can’t locate the section on your own, just ask a salesperson. The store is looking to offload these damaged goods, so they are more than happy to help you find them.

Be Prepared to Shop Around

In order to find the right size and style for your kitchen, you may need to shop around and check the selection at several different stores before finding the right appliance.

Unless you need an appliance right away, this process could take several weeks. You’ll need to hunt to locate an appliance that has the correct specifications and the least amount of noticeable damage.

Don’t be discouraged during this process. It is like a scavenger hunt. And when you find the right appliance at a steep discount, I promise you will be doing a happy dance in the end.

Scratch and Dent Department

The Greater the Defect, The Greater the Discount

Makes sense, doesn’t it? If you are looking for a freezer for your garage, who cares if there is a big old dent in the front – as long as it runs. Am I right? Besides, odds are your 16 year old driver could hit the brake a little too late and you’ll end up with a big old dent in the front anyway.

But not all scratch and dent appliances have dents in the front. There are many, many appliances you’ll find where the dents are in the sides or the back. Or the scratches in the stainless steel are so low, they may as well be non-existent. These may not be discounted to the same degree, but they will still save you a significant amount of money.

If you are shopping for your kitchen, you may want to narrow your search to an appliance where the imperfection is in the sides or the back. These appliances do exist! You just may need to take the extra time and effort to locate them.

Prices are Negotiable

Why are Americans so put off by negotiating? You are about to spend your hard earned dollars on a product the store would love to get rid of.

It never hurts to ask for a steeper discount!

I usually ask, “Is this the best you can do on the price?” If you are an artful negotiator, you could then throw in a few extra comments about the condition and perhaps make it appear like you are actually doing them a favor by offering to take damaged goods off their hands.

On our dishwasher purchase, I was able to get an additional $50 taken off the price, simply because I asked for a steeper discount. HOLLA!

Ask About Warranties

Depending on where you buy your appliance, it may be eligible for a warranty. It is risky to buy a damaged appliance, so this is a huge benefit if your appliance is warrantied.

If the appliance you are buying is a return, most stores will have refurbished the appliance and will offer a warranty to guarantee the operability of the appliance.

Have you purchased a scratch and dent appliance?

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  1. Diana Swinehart says:

    I have a KitchenAid dishwasher only two yrs. old. It just went black and won’t work. The repair man said what was wrong, and not only we had the repairman to pay and the part is over two hundred dollars. My husband and I are retired with o one else in the home. If it broke down with only two people I’m afraid to invest in repairing it.

  2. Diana Swinehart says:

    I’m hoping to find a dishwasher that has a dent or scratch so we are able to get one.

  3. We bought an upright freezer that had been returned under warranty. It had been repaired and was for sale as scratch and dent. We bought it for a few hundred and have it in the garage.
    We also were in need of a new microwave. We found one that had been stood on end and scratched a bit. That end is concealed when installed under and between cabinets over the stove. We bought it for $75.

  4. Thanks for sharing your finds! I just don’t know why anyone would pay full price when with a little hunting you can find some great deals!

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