How to Buy Discount Essential Oils Online

Buy Discount Essential Oils Online

If you are a reader of The Natural Green Mom, then you know that I am a lover of all things green, natural and organic AND that I like to save money.

As part of our natural lifestyle, I’ve been using essential oils for years.

When my kids were young, I remember getting into our shower to clean it. The product I was using was one I had picked up at the grocery store.

The smell was overpowering. Dizzy and lightheaded, I stepped out of the shower and began to read the label on the back of the bottle.

Right on the label it warned the product was only to be used in a well ventilated area and cautioned against breathing in the vapors. It also warned that if I were to get it on my skin, I was to wash it off immediately.

That’s when I knew I didn’t want these kinds of toxic products in our home. There had to be a safer method of cleaning.

I started replacing all of our toxic cleaners with natural ones. That’s when I discovered the power of essential oils and started sharing my recipes for all natural cleaning products like my yoga mat cleaning spray and homemade disinfectant like Lysol.

The more I learned about essential oils, the more they became part of our home. They were no longer just for cleaning, they became about wellness.

In our home, we use essential oils for hand sanitizer, after sun relief, natural vapor rub,  “Vicks” vapor shower disks and so much more!

Until recently, my essential oil purchases were made at the grocery store. I thought I was saving money.

The truth is, the FDA says the essential oils you buy at the grocery store only have to contain 5% pure ingredients to be able to be labeled 100% therapeutic grade.

Are you saving money buying the grocery store brands if all you are getting is 5% of the essential oil?

The more research I’ve done, the more convinced I’ve become that I want only the best, purest essential oils in my home.


Amazon. Any of the brands you see – including those sold through multi-level marketing – are sold on Amazon.

So how do I get them at a discount?

By using the gift cards I earn through Swagbucks.

You can buy the oils you want without having to sign up, buy in and purchase a large kit.

BONUS: If you have Amazon Prime, many of these oils will also ship FREE!

I earn gift cards to Amazon through Swagbucks. I then look for organic essential oils on Amazon like this set that is marked down to $29.95 – a $20.0 savings!

If you are new to Swagbucks, find out how I earn free Amazon gift cards in a minimum amount of time.

Here’s the oils I’d recommend getting and how to start using the oils right away:

Frankincense Essential Oil – Awesome added to moisturizer to battle aging skin, strengthens fingernails, and balances mood swings

Lemon Essential Oil – I flavor my water, clean and disinfect my counters, and preserve my cut apples and pears

Lavender Essential Oil – Helps me sleep, soothes our sunburns, and defies our allergies

Melaleuca Essential Oil – Also known as Tea Tree Oil, I add it to my water to boost my immunity, dab it on skin to prevent razor burn, and diffuse it to purify our air

Peppermint Essential Oil – Soothes my troubled tummy, cures my headaches naturally,  and perks up my workouts

Oregano Essential Oil – Replaces the need for fresh herbs since I can add a few drops to flavor my cooking!

Digestzen Blend – I travel with this blend to ease motion sickness and travel tummy

OnGuard Blend – Dabbed on my kitchen sponge, it purifies and eliminates odors, and diffused it energizes the house

Breathe Blend –  Perfect to rub on feet and chest for relief when congested

Deep Blue Blend – If you have ever experienced muscle soreness, you need to try this. It’s instant relief for the occasional discomfort of tired, sore, and worn-down muscles and joints.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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  1. Hi. I am from manila, philippines
    I want to buy some essential oil. How much will be the total price? Including the shipment? Thank you.

  2. Your gmail account is not working.

    I am just starting to get into essential oils but I can already tell its
    just a matter of time before i go down the rabbit hole and make EVERYTHING
    I POSSIBLY CAN on my own using EO’s. You said there is a way to buy them
    wholesale. Could you please share your secret with me? I can’t afford Young
    Living and I know the NOW brand is weak.

  3. Hi Melanie, I updated the post with the new information on how to get them at a discount! Andrea

  4. Sheri Hardy says:

    Ever heard of Jade Bloom? You have got to check them out. Just go to their website I think they are amazing.

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