How to Bake Bacon: Bacon Bundles

Have you baked bacon in the oven? To get the perfect amount of crispiness on your bacon – with no burnt pieces – let me show you how to bake bacon in the oven. But I’m not going to stop with plain old bacon slices. No. I want to show you how to bake bacon into a bacon bundle. The perfect bacon shape for adding bacon to your sandwiches and hamburgers. Yummy.

Oven Baked Bacon Bundle

See how perfectly it fits onto the bread? That’s so you can get a delicious bite of bacon every time.

A note on bacon: I only buy it nitrate-free. Nitrates can be converted into nitrites in the body – which are known carcinogens. It is easy to find nitrate-free bacon, so make a healthy choice for yourself!

Here’s exactly how I bake bacon in the oven to create bacon bundles:

How to Bake Bacon: Bacon Bundles

If you can’t see the video, head to The Natural Green Mom YouTube channel.

What’s your favorite sandwich featuring bacon?


  1. I have got to say, your food is so much more appetizing than some of the other sites I can think of, K comes to mind. We kinda kringe when we see the food prepared. We dig what you are doing, especially the tie in with recipes. Kudos!


  2. Cool idea! I’m filing this one for future use.

  3. I would love for you to link this up to my any linky goes party at Bacon Time.

  4. Brilliant!!!

  5. Awww. Thank you Yolanda!

  6. My favorite bacon dish? Has to be a BLT sandwich, hands down. I have done some catering in the past……but in real life I farm and ranch and am a real cowboy. Was hired by a local business to make a blt for 40 people. I am always looking for ways to jazz things up a bit. Made the sandwiches…..3…..cut them where you want them cut, yourself. Hauled them into this business in the back of my truck, plastic wrapped, of course. Drove to their back door and started unloading into their conference room. Put the sandwich together, end to end. When I turned the hungry crowd into it, the sandwich was 27 feet long!


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