Homemade Kid-Friendly Foaming Hand Soap

Homemade Kid-Friendly Foaming Hand Soap – Two easy and economical recipes.

Homemade kid friendly foaming hand soap recipe

We’ve all heard the advice: to keep your kids from getting sick, they need to wash their hands frequently.

For a long time, we were told to use antibacterial formulas when washing our hands. Then we discovered those same antibacterial formulas were actually making us sicker! Thankfully, we finally banned toxic triclosan from our hand soaps.

Why did we ever need triclosan in the first place???

Did you know, you can get the same antibacterial properties by using essential oils in your foaming soap?

However, not all essential oils are kid-friendly. I’ve made sure the foaming hand soap recipes provided here have only kid safe essential oils. Each one was picked for both their scent and their antibacterial properties. (You can read more about that here.)

There are only a few ingredients needed to make homemade foaming hand soap. Honestly? The main ingredient in these recipes is water. That means you can make up a bottle of hand soap for just pennies. It’s super economical but it really works! (In case that whole water thing throws you off.)

To get foaming hand soap, you will need a special foaming hand soap dispenser. A foaming dispenser adds just the right amount of air to your formulation to give you that foaminess.

I love my mason jar style dispenser but you could probably find a dispenser you like at Target or Walmart.

WARNING: Make sure you pick a glass dispenser – not plastic. Certain essential oils will react with plastic, so glass is the best choice.

Homemade Kid-Friendly Foaming Hand Soap Recipe

1 part Castile soap
3 parts water
10 drops essential oil

My soap dispenser holds approximately 1 cup of liquid.

Therefore, I measure out 1/4 cup of Castile soap and add it to the dispenser.

Castile soap foaming hand soap

I then add 3/4 cup of water.

water foaming hand soap ingredient

I add the drops of essential oils before shaking vigorously to mix all the ingredients.

That’s it! It really is that simple.

Since you’re only using a 1/4 cup of Castile soap at a time, one bottle will last you for months! It truly saves you money.

So what essential oils should you add? Chose from any of the following kid-friendly essential oils:

Kid-Friendly Essential Oils

Bergamot – Bergamot has a lovely citrus scent. It’s great for teens who have oily skin and tend to touch their face.
Lemon – Clean smelling, lemon essential oil also boosts immunity.
Lavender – Lavender is known for its soothing scent. Plus, it’s another immunity booster.

FYI: I may not be a kid, but I love the lemon essential oil version next to my kitchen sink. The lemon is a miracle worker when it comes to getting onion and garlic scent off your hands!

If you find yourself washing your hands frequently, it can be nice to add a moisturizing agent to your homemade foaming hand soap. If this applies to you, try the following recipe:

Homemade Moisturizing Kid-Friendly Foaming Hand Soap

1 part Castile soap
3 parts water
1 tablespoon aloe vera gel (not juice!)
10 drops essential oil

Moisturizing foaming hand soap

Follow the same directions for the foaming hand soap above. Measure out 1 part soap and 3 parts water and add to the dispenser. Next, add the drops of essential oils and the 1 tablespoon aloe vera gel before shaking vigorously to mix all the ingredients.

Making your own kid-friendly foaming hand soap is a great way to naturally support your family’s health. It’s quick and economical too!

homemade kid friendly foaming soap

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