Growing Green

In the summer, I try to grow an organic garden to supplement our family’s grocery needs. (try is the operative word here.)

I use organic gardening methods including those I tested in How to Kill Weeds Organically.

This is how the Natural Green Mom (GBGal) organic garden started.

GBGal Organic Garden During Construction

This is the GBGal organic garden in August of the first year:

Garden in August

In the winter, I grow what I can indoors. Looking for a super easy crop to grow inside that will add flavor and nutrition to your meals? Check out How to Sprout Microgreens.

I love to talk gardening and organic growing methods. I love hearing from other gardeners as well!

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  1. Beautiful garden…I found my way here through a picture of your bottle/jar garden edging- does that last in snowy areas? And what is that thing on the other side of the fence from your garden beds?

    Thanks for such a great site!

  2. Thanks for visiting Karen. The bottles do last through the winter. They are pretty and a great way to repurpose bottles – but they aren’t 100% maintenance free. I think the thing you are seeing in the photos is my neighbor’s swing-set. Although, the green and yellow tented part isn’t there anymore – it blew away in some of the nasty wind we had this year! Andrea

  3. Andrea,
    LOVE your layout for your garden! We are about to expand our backyard (fenced in area) and this looks like it would fit! Did you lay this out on your own? Any advice or tips or things you might do different? Looks beautiful! I also posted your button to my blog. Hope it helps! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Leslie ~ I’m glad you like the garden layout! What would I do different….Hmmmm….One of my beds gets only filtered light, and things did not do so well there. I kinda knew the light wasn’t going to be great but I did it anyway. Wish I had shoved everything up a bit so the last bed got better light. So, I guess my advice would be – really, really, really study the light and don’t think – oh I’m sure it will be okay. It pays to listen to your instinct. And thanks for listing me on your blog! It does help! ๐Ÿ™‚ Andrea

  5. What a lovely garden–and how productive even in the first year–well done!

  6. HI , I noticed on another post you use cardboard in your compost. I heard you could use cardboard in place of newspaper in the bottoms of your raised bedding to keep the weeds from coming up. But I guess my question is, do you know which is better and can it be corrugated cardboard? Someone mentioned that you couldn’t use that kind…
    We have just bought a new house (just moved in so have tons of boxes to empty as well) and I am looking so forward to having a garden of my own….already planning for next year! Wondering do I throw them out for the recycle pick up or hold on to them for planting?

  7. Hi Amy, I’ve never heard that you can’t use corrugated cardboard in a garden. Do you know why? I’ve found cardboard is an excellent weed barrier and have used it in several garden beds. I love that you are planning out your garden for next year. Prepping in the fall is a great way to go! Andrea

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