Going Green

Here at The Natural Green Mom household we are striving to go green. There are so many ways and so many motivations for being green. If you are looking to go green, The Natural Green Mom is your resource for tips and articles on Going Green. These are our family’s priorities:

1. Reduce Oil Consumption We aren’t perfect in this realm, but it is a major motivating factor for us. In an effort to conserve oil I buy local before I buy organic. In a perfect scenario, I buy locally grown organic. We also walk whenever we can, and carpool.

2. Reduce Waste We pay to recycle. It is amazing how much of what we throw out can be recycled. We also repurpose what we can. I’ve found a million uses for plastic egg cartons! And I love to see how I can repurpose or upcycle our household items. For example, these DIY Wine Cork Cheese Markers, or Solar Path Light Candles.

3. Build Green Since the refrigerator flooded the basement and first floor of our house, we’ve been looking at any/every green option for rebuilding. Some have proven too cost prohibitive (reclaimed hardwood floors), others will save us over the long run (making dual-zone heating and cooling.)

3. Conserving Water We’ve xeriscaped a large portion of our yard, but have a great deal of grass left. It is our hope and plan to be able to put in a vegetable garden and reduce our lawn in the Summer of 2011. Also, part of our green construction will include rain barrels.

Looking to more tips to Go Green? Check out these posts:

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How do you prioritize what Going Green steps you take?

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  1. Teresa Shelley says:

    I am very interested in feeding my family whole foods, but I live in a small city in South Carolina. We do not have whole food stores and although there are local farmers galore, the last organic chicken I priced from the local farm was over $26.00. The organic/health food section in local grocery stores (if it has one) is something to laugh at. What do I do? Where do I go?

  2. Hi Teresa, I wanted to make sure you saw the post I did in response to your question. http://thegreenbacksgal.com/how-to-go-organic-with-few-organic-choices/ There are some good suggestions in the comments too. Thanks for taking the time to ask – and if I can help you any further, always let me know!

  3. What is the most eco-friendly but frugal way to replace your flooring in the house? I have badly stained carpet in my house I just moved into and will need to replace. I had originally thought that laminate wood flooring would be best (frugally) but the glues that are used are not eco-friendly. With an active household, it would be best to not put in carpet.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Great list of products! Thanks! My goal this spring is to go green with my cleaning products and hopefully branch out to the beauty products too! Thanks for the tips!

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