GBG List of Three: 3 Natural Personal Care Products I SWEAR By!

List of 3

The GBG List of 3. Three things I love. Three things I want to share.

Welcome to the natural personal products I SWEAR by edition!


weleda natural deodorants

I’ve tried several brands of natural deodorants in the past. But none could stand up to the stink that is me.

So I would inevitably revert to whatever was on sale at Target. Wearing toxic deodorant always felt like my natural living sin.

Then a friend recommended I try Weleda natural deodorants.

With a great deal of skepticism, I opted to give them a go.

The problem was, I couldn’t decide on a scent. Sage or Rose.

Sage is a common ingredient in natural deodorants thanks to its antibacterial properties. So I went ahead and bought one bottle of sage.

But I decided I would try rose too. My friend that recommended the deodorant uses the rose scent.

After the first application I was HOOKED!

Y’all. It’s a little like wearing a perfume more than a deodorant. And I can’t decide which scent I prefer – sage or rose. I’m so glad I have them both!

I don’t mean that you will smell like your deodorant all day like you do when you wear perfume. But when you heat up, you smell the deodorant, NOT the body odor.

So there I am walking the dogs and all of a sudden I’ll get a whiff of rose. It’s delightful!

In the interest in full disclosure, the first ingredient in the formula is alcohol. If you nick yourself while shaving, it does sting when you apply it. Not awful. Not awesome.

My Natural Grocers does not carry Weleda deodorants. But if you have a Sprouts you can find them there. Thrive Market actually has the best price I could find as an online source. Or if you don’t want a membership to Thrive (which will save you $ in the long run) it’s available here too.


pumice stone

If you have dry, rough heels like I do, the Earth Therapeutics Pumice Stone is the absolute best solution I have found.

The key is it is an every day thing. Take just one minute in the shower and scrub each heel.

Your reward will be soft heels.

Don’t buy one of those rotating heel shaver whatevers I keep seeing. You can pick one of these pumice stones up at Whole Foods for like $3. I think they sell them at Kohl’s too. Or Thrive Market has the Earth Therapeutics stone/brush for only $2.45.

So super inexpensive but really effect …. if you will just spend a few minutes in the shower daily.

Skip a day or two and you’ll be back to snagging your socks.

(On the subject of daily shower habits, I also swear by my red bump eraser if used consistently.)



So I became a Beauty Counter consultant because I love the products and wanted to buy them at a discount. Just wanted to be clear about my relationship to them.

However, I use the Peppermint Lip Balm because it really is the bomb diggity.

My youngest daughter has a terrible time with chapped lips. She drinks tons of water, tries not to lick them, takes fish oil regularly…just takes care of herself regularly.

Still. Chapped Lips.

The Beauty Counter Peppermint Lip Balm is what is working for her right now.

We both kinda hate that you have to use your finger to apply it. It’s a small thing compared to the fact that it works.

So what’s in your natural beauty bag that you’d recommend we try?

If you like to make natural beauty products (and we do!) did you catch my cracked hand salve recipe this week?

Cracked Hand Salve

I also shared my recipe for Switchel which has gone viral on Pinterest!

what is switchel and how do you make it

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