Fixer Upper Design Style Ideas For Your Kitchen

Fixer Upper Design Style Ideas for Your Kitchen. Steal some of Joanna's design style and add it to your own kitchen!

I am in LOVE with the show Fixer Upper. Are you?

Oh. My. Word. Why isn’t Joanna Gaines my BFF? Why doesn’t she perform miracles on 1950s ranchers in Colorado Springs instead of in Waco, TX???

I enjoy the show so much, my friends and I talk about making the 14 hour road trip to Waco, TX just to go to Magnolia’s. (not kidding)

When we purchased our home 2 years ago, I shared how I remodeled our kitchen using Craig’s List.

I love to upcycle and shop thrift store finds…just like Joanna. (You know in every episode you’ll see Joanna out scouring some antiques store for the perfect details for her Fixer Upper.)

Unlike Joanna, I have no real decorating sense of style. None. Nada. Zippo.

Sooooo, I’ve been studying the photos from the Fixer Upper remodels and I’ve found some awesome accents that show up repeatedly on the show.

Now, if you can find these items in a thrift store – buy them there! Use these design style ideas as a list to use while you thrift shop. But, if you simply can’t find them second hand, I’ve got some resources for you.

In keeping with what you will see on Fixer Upper, I tried to hunt down items that are American made or vintage/retro.

So here’s how you can copy some of the Fixer Upper design style in your own home.

We are going to start with a galvanized tray like in the kitchen detail below:

galvanized tray Photo Cred

Joanna oftens styles scenes with a Galvanized Tray. You can use it indoors or out and use it to serve items or to display them. (Don’t forget to get Biodegradable Green Striped Straws!)

There are two things I want to point out in this kitchen redo:

First, check out the retro Kitchen Scale next to the stove. It makes an appearance in so many of Joanna’s kitchens.

Second, look on the actual stovetop and see the Le Creuset Dutch Oven. Again, you will see this dutch oven out on many of her stoves.

Honestly? I just can’t do the price of the Le Creuset. It simply isn’t in my budget. So here’s a much more reasonably priced alternative: Lodge Dutch Oven. Lodge cast iron is American Made!

Okay, now check out this before and after:

Do you see the scale and the dutch oven again???
It’s her thing!!!

On to this gorgeous kitchen:

Do you spy with your little eye the iron cookbook stand? Joanna shows a cookbook stand in many of her kitchens. This Iron Cookbook Stand has the same little weights you use to hold your cookbook pages down. Cute, isn’t it?

There is so much to love about this kitchen (starting with no dirty dishes in the sink!):

mint green colander photo credit

But what I want to point out the vintage Mint Green Colander next to the sink. This may be an item you can find while thrifting or garage sale-ing. Or check in your grandmother’s cupboards! If not, you can get yours here.

This picture is similar to the one of the galvanized tray:

What I want to point out is: in almost every Fixer Upper I’ve seen, there are mason jars somewhere. They hold drinks, they hold straws, they hold flowers, they hold utensils, they hold crayons. To capture the Fixer Upper look, you just have to get yourself some quilted mason jars

The mason jars are sitting atop a serving board. Scroll through these pictures again and see how often she uses serving boards. It’s key to capturing the Fixer Upper style.

This makes me squeal. See the Anchor Hoking glass jars holding flour? I have some in my kitchen already!!! I’d like to say Joanna copied me, but somehow I don’t think so. (I really love these scoops to go with my jars. Just sayin.)

Look to the right of the stove in this swoon-worthy kitchen:

white crock wooden utensils photo credit

Do you see the white crock and the wooden utensils? Keep your eye out for them in all her kitchens! (You noticed the cookbook stand again, right?)

Neither you nor I may ever get to have a home designed and styled by Joanna, but we can copy her style ideas pretty inexpensively.

Do you already have any of these items in your house?

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