Fat Flush Detox Drink Recipe

This detox drink is full of fat flushing ingredients.

A great tasting detox drink full of fat flushing and metabolism boosting ingredients.

Oh friends. Let me tell you a little something about turning 40.

On your 40th birthday, chances are good, real good, that your metabolism will pack a bag and hit the road.

Whereas you previously may have been able to eat with abandon (raises hand), you will no longer be able to do so, much to your disappointment.

The sad fact is, once your metabolism has up and left, you will join the legions of other 40+ somethings who put on two pounds per year. Every year.

Fast forward to 46. At 2 pounds a year, that means you may weigh 12 pounds more than you did on your 40th birthday.

How do I know? I happen to be 46.

The good news is, there are foods that can help you rev up your metabolism and flush out your compounding fat.

(If you are trying to lose weight, find out what happened when I drank cayenne pepper water.)

choice organic green tea

Start by making iced green tea. This is my brand of choice, and it is what I used to taste test this recipe.

Metabolism boosting green tea will form the base of your drink.

Next, you’ll add half a cucumber.

Cucumber can help you both detox and lose weight. You have the option to peel the cucumber and scrape out the seeds. However, you will be removing some of the nutrition of the cucumber when you remove the skin.

In case you didn’t know, English cucumbers naturally have less seeds, so they may be the right choice for you if you typically scrape the seeds out of your cucumbers.

By the way, if you happen to find a lemon cucumber at the Farmer’s Market, they are delicious in this drink.

You’ll finish making your detox drink with lime juice and mint. The lime is another metabolism booster while the mint aides in digestion.

Lime and mint are key ingredients in a detox drink.

Fat Flush Detox Drink Recipe


  • 2 bags organic green tea
  • 1/2 cucumber, sliced
  • juice 1/2 lime
  • 5-7 fresh mint leaves


  1. Steep 2 tea bags in 6 ounces hot water. Squeeze and remove tea bags. Add enough ice to cool down tea and make approximately 8 ounces of iced green tea.
  2. In a blender, combine green tea, cucumber, lime juice and mint leaves. Blend on medium speed.
  3. Drink daily before a meal.

Since this is a fat flushing detox drink, I don’t suggest the use of sweeteners.

If you find yourself craving a sweetener, you may want to play with the amount of mint you add. More mint flavor could eliminate your desire for the sweet.

HOWEVER, if you just can’t tolerate this drink and need to add honey, so be it. Just try to add less each time until you can enjoy and embrace the taste of real, whole ingredients, and never add more than a teaspoon. And most importantly, go for the raw stuff so you are getting a little bit of health benefits.

I like to drink this before lunch. It helps to fill me up with good-for-me ingredients before I eat, helping me to feel fuller faster. Not to mention, it is refreshing and delicious.


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  1. Looks easy and refreshing this is a must try in this summer heat! Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is a must make and try!

  3. Andrea, This sounds interesting. Can yon make more than 8 oz at a time or does it need to be made fresh as you are going to drink it? Paula

  4. Hi Paula, Yes, you could make up more than 8 oz at a time, the problem is it will separate when it sits. So you’ll need to be able to either shake it or stir. And I wouldn’t leave it for more than 2 or 3 days in the fridge as the cucumber will start to turn. Andrea

  5. Wanting to try this! I’m curious if anyone here knows about having Adrenal Fatigue, and have had any luck with drinks like this to help detox the body? On one hand I’ve heard that it’s important to cleanse the liver and that all the processed foods we eat and chemicals we ingest, but I’ve also been reading about how those with Adrenal Fatigue need to be careful when trying to cleanse as doing it too fast can overwhelm the body.

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