Eat in Season: September

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I’m excited to be participating in the Go Green & Save Green Series with several other green bloggers this week!  We’ll be talking about different areas of green and natural living, showing you how to go green while saving money at the same time!  Be sure to check out the great links at the end of this post! And on Saturday I’ll link up to every post in this series so you can read them all!

If you’ve read The Natural Green Mom for any length of time, you know that each month I post what is in season, how to buy it, and how to store it. Buying fruits and vegetables in season saves you money because it is not being imported from another hemisphere. Buying in season takes discipline. Sometimes we want what we want when we want it. If that is the case, we will pay for it – as prices can sometimes be double or triple!

Since this month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, in addition to talking about what is in season, I’d like to highlight how these seasonal foods fit into a breast cancer prevention diet. I know we’re looking for a cure. What I’d love to see is more steps taken towards prevention. Food can be a huge preventative step.

What’s In Season in September?

Apples – When buying apples, avoid any brown or mushy spots. Store your apples in the refrigerator and they should last several weeks. Recent studies have shown apples have antioxidants that help to prevent breast cancer – so eat that apple a day!

Bell Peppers – Bell peppers contain the antioxidant Vitamin C. A high amount of vitamin C is linked to disease prevention. Look for firm peppers without any wrinkling and store in the fridge.

Eggplant – Look for eggplants that are on the small side. These tend to have less seeds and to be less bitter. Avoid any brown spots. Store in the fridge but plan to use quickly. Women who eat more plant foods – like eggplant – are less likely to develop breast cancer.

Grapes – Look for green stems and plump grapes. Grapes should be kept in the fridge. Grapes are reported to lower estrogen levels and therefore to reduce the risk of developing breast cancer.

Pomegranate – This is perhaps my favorite food on all the earth. They never seem to drop in price in this part of the world. It is believed that eating and drinking pomegranate juice may stall the progression of breast cancer. Since they are picked ripe, you need to eat them soon after purchasing. And buy pomegranates that are heavy for their size.

Winter Squash – Another yummy food in my book! High in beta carotene, winter squash is capable of preventing cell mutations that can cause cancer! Store these at cool temperatures and they can last for several weeks. If you have a root cellar, they can last through a winter. Look for a hard skin and no soft spots.

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  1. I love your eat in season posts! We are having eggplant tonight! An eggplant and zucchini pizza. It’s a new recipe, hopefully it’s good 🙂

  2. Great post! The fall is filled with so many delicious and colorful fruits and veggies. I love how you showed how each vegetable has specific properties that will prevent cancer. I haven’t had a pomegranate in a long time-you’ve inspired me to give them a try again.

  3. We love grapes, apples and bell peppers. I need to find a way to incorporate eggplant into our dinner menu.

    Great list.


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