Easy Recipes: 5 Recipes Using Chicken and Tomatoes

I am thrilled to be here today guest posting with Andrea.  I love her site and the resources she provides as I incorporate organic items into our family meal rotation.

As a busy mom of very active boys I am constantly on the hunt for easy recipes to add to my meal plan.

I absolutely love the flavors of chicken and tomatoes used together,  so today I am going to share five of my favorite recipes using these simple ingredients.

easy recipes

Easy Recipes Using Chicken and Tomatoes


  1. Vodka Chicken Pasta– this is a stove top dish that comes together quickly. Serve with a dinner salad and you have a scrumptious meal.
  2. Puerto Rican Stew– my husband is Puerto Rican and I love incorporating authentic food that his family teaches me to cook into our meal rotation. This is one of my favorites and it includes chicken and tomato sauce. You’ll notice this recipe calls for potatoes. I always use organic potatoes when a recipe calls for them due to the research I’ve read about this vegetable and pesticides. Also, you can sub the steamed white rice for brown rice.
  3. Crockpot Crushed Tomato and Chicken Soup– this is so simple and absolutely delicious!
  4. Easy Chicken Nachos– I love using up leftover chicken making dinners like these nachos. We like the organic blue corn chips I find at Target and locally grown fresh tomatoes are awesome!
  5. Chicken Artichoke Tomato Pizza– this is my favorite pizza on the planet and it a knock-off from a local pizzeria. Quick dinner for a busy school or work night. Also another great recipe for using up that leftover chicken.

It doesn’t get much easier than that.

What is your main struggle when getting dinner on the table during the busy school and work week?

I hope you will hop over and check out my mommy resource site Crystal & Co., where I share tons of ideas and solutions to help busy moms just like you and me. If meal planning is something you struggle with, I have an ebook that is available for preorder- How to Meal Plan: A Step by Step Guide for Busy Moms. It will hit the pages of Amazon mid-November.

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