Easy Last Minute Gift Ideas for Anyone

Easy Last Minute Gift Ideas for ANYONE on Your List!

Need a last minute gift? A list of last minute items you can get for anyone on your list.

If you’ve ever found yourself in need of a last minute gift idea, look no further than this list! I’ve got your back with a list of ideas that have universal appeal.

Any of these last minute gifts are perfect for Christmas gifts, hostess gifts, Mother’s day, teacher’s gifts or housewarmings. You could probably find something on this list to bring as an office gift too.

Presentation is everything. Take the time to properly wrap your gift. Ribbons, baskets, boxes, and even a bit of cellophane will keep your recipient from ever guessing that your gift was a last minute purchase.

Easy Last Minute Gifts

Gift from the Grocery Store

A Little Sparkle!

Pick up a 6-pack of your favorite sparkling water, a few limes and some striped paper straws. Tie up with bow!

Sparkling Water Gift: An easy last minute gift you can pick up at the grocery store.

Luxury Cleaning Items

Any person who has to clean would love a basket of good smelling, high-end natural cleaning products. Many aren’t willing to spend the money for themselves.

This is a particularly great last minute gift for a housewarming.

Luxury Cleaning Items: An easy last minute gift you can pick up at the grocery store.

Afternoon Tea

Who wouldn’t love an at-home afternoon tea basket? Pick up a box of tea, some honey, scones or biscuits and some lemon curd or jam.

Tea and Biscuits Basket: An easy last minute gift you can pick up at the grocery store.

Wassail In a Jar

All the ingredients for wassail can be packaged up in a jar and given as a gift. Get the complete instructions for my easy wassail recipe for gift giving.

Need a last minute gift? Anyone on your list would love to get an easy wassail recipe packaged up in a jar.

Entertainment Gifts

Everyone likes to be entertained but not everyone likes the expense. I know the young people in my life have all requested help offsetting the expense of items like streaming music or tv.

Concert or Event Tickets

In an effort to give our girls less stuff, we have started to give them concert/event tickets for their Christmas gift. We use Ticket Network  because it covers local (read less expensive) events and is easily searchable.

Miranda Lambert Tickets


Gift Cards for Their Favorite Entertainment Binges

Does your gift recipient love tv, music or the movies? Why not pick up a gift card for Netflix, Spotify or the movie theater?

Need a last minute gift? A list of last minute items you can get for anyone on your list.

Gift Subscriptions

Talk about easy! A gift subscription can be purchased online and in most cases, they will notify the recipient by email.

You can purchase these very last minute, but they get delivered for months! So no one will ever suspect you bought it at the last second. All they will know is that you care about them month after month.

Bestowed Gift Subscription

With a Bestowed membership, each month a box with an assortment of nutritionist-approved snacks, beverages, and personal care items is delivered to the recipient.


Buy your loved ones the gift of health this holiday season with Bestowed Gifts and Gift Cards.


Book of the Month

I love the Book of the Month! Here’s what makes it a great gift: you can buy someone a subscription, and each month, they will get to pick the book they want to read from 5 carefully curated books!


If this sounds like a great gift for someone you know, Use code BOOK10 to get $10 off 3 month or 12 month membership.

Green Kids Crafts

I don’t know of a single mom who doesn’t love a gift that will help keep her kiddo busy and engaged. Green Kids Crafts do just that!


When you give a Green Kid Crafts subscription, each month a box filled with everything needed to complete 8 different activities is delivered. PLUS, you can tack on a sibling so the gift boxes can be used by more than one kid!

Don’t wait a minute longer! Get shopping!

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