Don’t Toss It! Repurpose It!

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I’m excited to be participating in the Go Green & Save Green Series with several other green bloggers this week!  We’ll be talking about different areas of green and natural living, showing you how to go green while saving money at the same time!  Be sure to check out the great links at the end of this post! And on Saturday I’ll link up to every post in this series so you can read them all!

Repurposing. It is a new word for a very old concept. Taking an object you once might have tossed in the garbage and using it for another purpose. It not only is a green way of living, but it can be a great money saver!

Once you’ve started on the repurposing journey, you’d be amazed at how many objects can be used in ways that are totally different from the original intention.

Behold the tennis ball canister & some stray cupcake baking liners:

Tennis Ball canister and cupcake liners

Each of these items can be repurposed!

Repurposed Item #1:  The tennis balls were flat. They went to my grandmother to be cut open and put over the bottom of her walker. This helps it glide along the floor better.

Repurposed Item #2: The canister was no longer needed, but I didn’t want to toss it. I have a daughter who loves to bake cupcakes. I recently bought a lot of liners that were inexpensive, so they didn’t come in a canister. They fit perfectly in the tennis ball canister!

Baking Liners in Old Tennis Canister

 Repurposed Item #3: Once we’ve used the cupcake liner, we don’t toss it in the trash. We toss it on the compost pile! Those cupcake liners will break down and become part of the soil for my garden bed.

The key to repurposing is to “Stop Before You Toss” and think about how to reuse it.

It can be as simple as using an egg carton to hold delicate Christmas ornaments:

Egg Carton Holding Ornaments

Or as elaborate as lining your garden bed with old bottles:

Upcycled glass garden border

Once you’ve figured out a new way to use something, share that idea! You never know – you may just provide a solution someone else was looking for!

So, what repurposing ideas do you have?

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  1. I love the idea of storing christmas ornaments in egg cartons!!! Love it!

  2. I agree with Rebekah! The egg carton idea is great!

  3. Oh I love your ideas … especially the bottles lining the garden … it’s so pretty! I totally agree with your words: “Stop Before You Toss” and think. That really is the key … just thinking before automatically tossing something out. Thanks, so much, for sharing! 🙂

  4. I love this community! These ideas are great. I am all into living green and making things last a long time! Today I used leftover meat loaf, leftover chicken broth, even left over mashed potatoes to make a great veggie soup! Keep the great advice coming.

  5. I love creative ways to use leftovers! Great idea!

  6. I just love the old bottles idea when fencing in gardens or flower beds. Pretty and practical.

  7. I love your repurposing of both the tennis balls and their canister! I linked to your article in my long list of ideas for reusing things.

    My six-year-old son has lately taken on the job of keeping our home and our church supplied with memo paper. When I open my junk mail, I sort out all unneeded reply envelopes and paper that is blank on one side. Nicholas cuts the paper and most of the envelopes into handy memo size, about 3″x5″. Then he uses an envelope in each location (near a phone, shopping list pad, etc.) to store the paper.

  8. Just a note on the bottle border….. I placed mine between the edge of the patio and a flowerbed so that I wouldn’t have to worry about mowing next to them and possibly break/shattering any of the bottles.


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