DIY Natural Body Powder Talc Free Recipe!

How to Make a Natural Body Powder Talc Free.

Here's a quick way to make your own natural body powder talc free! Highly absorbent with a fresh, energizing scent you'll love.

When the heat, humidity, and sweat make you damp and uncomfortable, you need a natural body powder to absorb dampness and ward off odors.

Or what if you’ve overslept? A sprinkle of talc free body powder can also help you go an extra day without a shower.

So why go talc free when making a body powder? After all, talc is a natural mineral that is highly absorbent.

The problem with talc is that can be contaminated with asbestos, a known carcinogen.  Johnson & Johnson has been held responsible for ovarian cancer because of it’s products containing talc.

With a few simple ingredients, you can make your own natural body powder at home – free of any potentially carcinogenic substance – that works just as well and smells even better.

This DIY recipe for talc free powder has the same two main ingredients in many of the natural brands of body powder – cornstarch and sodium bicarbonate (otherwise known as baking soda).

Cornstarch is highly absorbent while the sodium bicarbonate has antibacterial properties that can ward off acne.

It’s important to note this recipe does call for non gmo cornstarch. Corn is one of the most highly genetically modified crops out there. If you are skipping the talc, make sure you are also skipping the pesticides used on gmo crops.

Natural Body Powder

Natural Body Powder Talc Free Recipe

What You Need:

½ cup non gmo cornstarch
½ cup baking soda
10 drops organic lavender essential oil
10 drops organic sweet orange essential oil
10 drops organic peppermint essential oil


In a large bowl, whisk together cornstarch and baking powder. Drop with essential oils, then whisk again until well blended. Store in a jar with a shaker lid or use a powder puff, organic cotton ball or brush.

Make sure to store your powder in a glass or other non-reactive container. Citrus essential oils don’t play well with plastic.

I love the scent of this essential oil combination in this recipe. It’s fresh and energizing. However, feel free to use any essential oil blend you enjoy.

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  1. Henriette says:

    Non-GMO crops are not necessarily pesticide-free. In fact, one reason that crops are genetically modified is so that they will require fewer pesticides while growing. Something to consider… In any case, home-made body powder rocks and I look forward to giving your “recipe” a spin.

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