Costco Warehouse Club

I love my Costco Warehouse Club membership. Although organic coupons net big savings on organic products, I know I can always count on Costco to have organic products I love at an everyday low price. Indeed, they offer a great selection of organic products including milk, meats and produce. In addition, I try to take advantage of their monthly coupon booklet offers.

Costco First Shopping Trip

So is a Costco Warehouse Club membership worth it? Costco is not just about food. The warehouse club offers steep discounts on everything from tires to photo printing to home appliances. If your Costco is conveniently located, you may find that saving $2.00 to $3.00 dollars filling up your car with discounted gas every week easily offsets the membership fee.

The key to shopping Costco is to avoid the temptation to purchase items you otherwise wouldn’t. There is a reason for all of those free samples. Working from a meal plan, and knowing the cost of an item in comparison to what you would pay at your local grocers is key to avoiding this pitfall.

Storage of large Costco items is a problem. Before you even head out to Costco, I suggest looking through your available storage space to make sure you have enough room for the items you buy. If you live in an apartment or smaller home, you can easily become overrun with large packages of necessities.


If you are looking for membership offers and savings, pricing on staples items and organic products, or strategies for saving while shopping Costco Warehouse, this is the right spot for you.

Costco Membership Prices

Are you wondering how Costco membership prices compare to memberships in other warehouse clubs? Have you looked for membership discounts? Here are all the comparisons and discounts available.

Costco Coupon Discounts

Did you know Costco comes out with a monthly coupon booklet allowing you to save even more on their already low warehouse prices? Find out what those savings are.

Costco Locations 

Information on specific Costco locations and upcoming locations.

Costco Organic

Costco has a wide variety of organic products. What products are available and how to save money and meal plan with Costco’s organic offerings.

See how you can strategically save on organic products with a Costco Warehouse Club membership. Learn what products actually offer the greatest savings and what to do with all those bulk products once you buy them. Find out if your Costco has services you can take advantage of before you join. For example, you can buy from their liquor stores without a membership and you can use their pharmacy without a membership.

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