Costco Thanksgiving Dinner Staples Price List

Are you planning to shop Costco for your Thanksgiving dinner? I’ve got some prices on commonly needed Thanksgiving items so you can plan out your expenses.

**Please note, prices at your Costco may vary. This is intended to be used a guideline.**


Organic Free Range Turkey $2.69/lb


Large Gold Potatoes 15 lbs $7.49

Sweet Potatoes 10 lbs $6.49

Fresh Cranberries 3 lbs $4.79

Bartlett Pears 6 lbs $5.99

Organic Carrots 10 bs $4.99

French Green Bean 2 lbs $4.99

Brussels Sprouts 2 lbs $3.79

Celery Sticks 2.5 lb $3.29


Bybee Food Organic Frozen Green Beans $5.99/5 lbs


Kirkland Organic Eggs $7.59/24 count

Robinson Heavy Whipping Cream $6.69/half gallon

Horizon Organic Half & Half $4.19/64 oz

Kirkland Organic Milk $9.49/3 half gallons


Kirkland Signature Pure Vanilla $6.89/16 oz

Wholesome Sweetners Organic Sugar $10.99/10 lb

Central Milling Organic Unbleached Flour $10.99/20 lbs

Red Star Active Yeast $3.99/2 lb

Sunmaid Organic Raisins $7.99/2 2lb bags

Kirkland Pecans $15.98/2 lbs


Bistro 28 Cranberry Sauce 36 oz $6.79

Full Circle Stuffed Turkey Breast $4.99/lb

Harry’s Roasted Turkey Gravy $7.39/60 oz

Marie Callender’s Corn Bread Mix $5.79/5 lb

Kirkland Organic Chicken Stock $11.89/16 32 oz

Missing a price on an item? Check out my Costco price list to see if you can find it. Enjoy your Thanksgiving shopping!

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